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astolfi art presents

 Douglas Stratton - Friday, May 10th 6-10pm

370 Trabert Avenue Atlanta, GA 30309 ( for directions)




Opening Reception: Friday, May 10th 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: May 10th – June 24th 2013

Astolfi Art is proud to present Environment: Organix and Street Art, by Douglas Stratton.
This exhibition continues Stratton’s quest to seek out and capture environments that will permit classic and timeless compositions.  Environment: Organix and Street Art, explores the dichotomy between naturally occurring settings and man-made street art from all around the globe. Placed together, these contrasting visual narratives share a common thread, both evoking the language of their surrounding environment.

Whatever the subject, (be it organic or constructed) Stratton’s intent is the same… capture the essence of his surroundings. Since a camera does not capture all the levels of light that the human eye can see, Stratton captures multiple levels of exposure in each photograph, reviving the dynamic range of light that gets lost in translation between man and machine.  In Environment, Stratton depicts not just beautiful compositions and intriguing scenes, but seeks to transport the viewer into the ambience of the place itself.  These two particular bodies of work, Organix and Street Art, are juxtaposed in order to enhance this experience and highlight the contrast between the art of nature and the art of man.

Growing up in a rural beach town, Stratton was enamored by the magic of his surroundings from a young age.  Photography was also deeply integrated into his roots; his great grandmother being one of the first ever models for Kodak and his grandmother worked on the original program of Photoshop.  Stratton took these passions and has traveled to over 20 countries around the world capturing and collecting images that feed his soul.  The Organix and Street Art series alone span throughout the United States from California to New York City…from the streets of London to Argentina and Chile.  Stratton’s previous work includes the series, Life in the Urban Metropolis and Enchanting Landscapes, in which he investigates the same contrasting themes of environmental diversity between two bodies of work.

Douglas Stratton was born in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1982.  He has studied at the College of Charleston in South Carolina as well as the Art Institute of Atlanta.  This exhibition marks Stratton’s second solo exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.  His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad, including various auctions and galas.  Stratton currently lives and works in Atlanta with his wife Palmer.

For more information regarding the images or artist please visit or contact Alessandra Carter at or 404-307-0215. *High resolution images available upon request  


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