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Artist Information:
Sam Smith
N.Y.C., NY
United States
Member Since: Mar 2006
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Artist Statement:
Art is the process through
which I may find personal
expression, life on the other
side of the lens but the
palette from which I gain
insight. The kind of insight
used to uncover that part of
myself which lie nine tenths
below the surface…the sub
conscious. Every particle that
become conscious is an
additional tool for further,
and more insightful,
investigations. If the results
of this effort aesthetically
resinate and are thoughtful,
these works may even have
value for others. Thanx for
listening…now creatively look.

I've been living/working in
the E. Village of N.Y.C. for
some 20+ yrs., am currently
producing a series of
foto-works, 'Synergies of
Confluence', an
architecturally inspired
vision. Having sucessfully
survived my adolescence in
Batimore, MD, where I received
a BFA from the Maryland
Institute College of Art, 70.
Graphic design/fotography are
the media which are primary to
my efforts, though I engage
drawing from time to time.
Came to N.Y.C. (77) to live,
work & further photographic
studies at the International
Center of Photography. Later I
began a two and a half yr.
sojourn at the Art Students
League, focusing on anatomy
and life drawing. ...

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Sam Smith

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