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ramat hasharon, - Israel

Personal Photo of Ted Barr, Artist 220 x 220

Member since:August 2007
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Artist Statement:
Artist statement – Ted Barr Painting the celestial sky brings to mind questions of the origins of life. Thoughts of conception, pregnancy and birth evoke similar wonderment of the initial moments of life. At the moment of human conception is the convergence of sperm and ovum. In the celestial realm the “big bang” is a similar unexplained fraction of infinitesimal time that represents infinite energy in a singular space area, the elements of which are beyond...
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Artist Exhibitions:
09/2001 old jaffa, Israel
curator s.
04/2006 tel aviv fighters
house, Israel curator
s. kleinman
01/2007 neeman towers, tel
aviv, ...
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Artist Representation:
old jaffa museum
geological museum r-h
janice charach gallery detroit

pelegallery detroit
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Ted Barr Artist Biography
Gender Male
Status Married
Children 2
Religion jewish
Education Self Taught
Hobbies / Interests deep space astronomy, black holes
human existence, pictures inspired by inner body photography, Krishnamurti teachings
Favorite Artistic Medium Painting Other
Favorite Arthistory Movement Abstract Art - (1910 - )
Favorite Visual Artist caspar friedriech
Favorite Work of Art form and antiform by jessica muller
Biggest Artistic Inspiration As early as my memory goes I have raised my eyes to the stars and wonder about the mysteries of creation. The sensations and memories from my childhood influenced me to further inquiries pondering the reasons of human existence. Until now, my art work is motivated by constant awe towards the magnificent creation that surrounds us; its constant swiveling, the turbulence of colors, the never ending motion and commotion of the stars and galaxies. Steering forces in my endeavor to depict the brightness of the galactic elements contrast to the mysterious darkness of Deep Space. To substantiate I decided to use a unique material that could link the dissimilar realms; tar, this ancient reminder of life on the planet, became my primary material in transposing galactic images to canvas.
Why Did You Become An Artist because i was born curious and all my life tried to express myself in different ways, started as a writer then added colors and forms to create my paintings
Your Personal Biography Theodor Barr was born in Constance near the black sea and grew at Tel Aviv, Israel. Barr s first painting guide was s. zafrir, an old Israeli master, that since 1995 provided him with the basics of drawing. Theodor Barr is a self made artist with broad education in areas such as astronomy, mathematics, literature and history, so far two of his books where published, one of them is 'Frau Gruber camp', that appeared in 2006, a thrilling allegory about German history. Barr wrote about twenty articles that were published in the Israeli media. His current pictures are motivated from the deep space photos, sent to earth by the Hubble telescope, on big canvases 150x110 or 120x120 cm he mixes rare combination of tar, acrylic, oil and lacquer in order to capture the dark and glimmering essence of the deepest space and the most fantastic galaxies, planets,, white dwarfs and red giants. The technique used by Barr is multi layers mixtures of dark cold tar and bright acrylic colors, on them oil and lacquer that gives the impression of bizarre unique individual world. It is impossible to compare Barr works to any known painter; Barr developed, especially in his latest tar based pictures, a private language, with multiple esoteric meaning.

09/2001 old jaffa, Israel curator s. zafrir
04/2006 tel aviv fighters house, Israel curator s. kleinman
01/2007 neeman towers, tel aviv, Israel curator y. naor
05/2007 sokolov press house, tel aviv, Israel curator m. krimolovsky
10/07 old jaffa museum, curator naama meirovitz
12/07 contemporary Istanbul art fair via nyarts Beijing gallery
01/08 geological museum r-h, curator rachel sasporta
05/08 science center Hertzliya, curator
varda genosar
06/08 janice charach gallery, curator danielle Peleg
12/08 fusion arts museum. new york, curator d. Polak
05/09 valle real Guadalajara, curator m. Wereka
05/09 icogallery new york. curator s. brumans
06/09 Venice biennial. curator t. nyego
08/09 ted barr technique workshop San Miguel DE Allende Mexico
09/09 cinchiano biennial terme Italy
06/2010 curator for homage to Frieda Kahlo, De Barr gallery
06/2010 workshop and exhibit, Hayward, Ca, curator L. Jacob
10/2010 Opera house, Israel, curator U. Rosenwein
10/2010 workshop delivery and exhibition at Beit Oren, Israel, curator E. Feller

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