The Purple Evening Animation By Michele Niels

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Artist Michele Niels. 'The Purple Evening' Artwork Image, Created in 2011, Original Animation. #art #artist
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Michele Niels


The Purple Evening

Size - (USA):
30 W x 11 H x 0 D (cm)
Size - (metric):
11.8 W x 4.3 H x 0.0 D (inches)
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Artwork Description:

photography on the 18 february 2012 How can we be criminals in front of this beautiful landscape so peaceful?Some drops,red and blue give this purple shadow in which our ego can be eroded if we are in symbiosis. How human beings can destroye a so sophisticated Nature! Our memory is short,we must remember we are invited to live on Her Lands,the dynausores are disappeared: they are too much heavy for her mutation. Mother Nature taught us lessons of which we don't take in account. I tell you this poem whom the author I don't remember: The celetial mathematic(s) is the true Conductor who makes us jump from one key to another one if we have enough humility to live through the rhythm of His Heart. That is my translation from the poem in french La mathematic celeste est bien le veritable chef d'orchestre qui nous fait sauter d'une porte l'autre, si nous avons l'humilit de battre au rythme de Son Coeur
Artwork Keywords:   Original Animation
Materials:   Animations

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