EchoofaScream Artistic Book By Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron

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Artist Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron. 'EchoofaScream' Artwork Image, Created in 2002, Original Painting Acrylic. #art #artist
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Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron



Size - (USA):
6 W x 9 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
15.2 W x 22.9 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

To purchase Hyacinthe Baron published books visit www. sablepublishing. com: SPECIAL OFFER. $75.00: Acquire a Unique Collector's Edition of artist and author Hyacinthe Baron's published books. Signed and with an original pencil drawing on the inside cover. Book one of The Cassandra's Tear Trilogy, ECHO OF A SCREAM. Rated ***** Available for $16.95 at: www. sablepublishing, www. barongalleries. com, Amazon. com, Barnes and Noble. com, Walmart. com, Borders. com, ALibris. com other online booksellers and bookstores. Review: Amazon. com: Louisa Johnston Decker, Editor ECHO OF A SCREAM IS A FANTASY WORLD OF LOVE. March 19, 2002 "Beginning with the magnificent original oil painting by the author ECHO OF A SCREAM by Hyacinthe Baron, the reader takes a journey into a fantasy world of love, danger, and adventure, created by the author's vivid imagery and imagination. Against a backdrop of rugged terrain, with all the stark beauty of untamed nature around them, lives a society bound by ancient traditions. The sanctity of the Taiowa rites of passage far outweigh all individual needs. Sharing this world of Cassandra hat is both brutal and ecstatic, the reader rides the tides of passion, in a world filled with challenges. Here is true insight into the female mystique. To share this experience with Cassandra is to be part of all that is woman." Synopsis: WHAT IS CASSANDRA'S TEAR? ECHO OF A SCREAM is the epic story of an artist's dreams of preserving the beauty of the human spirit and to capture love and peace forever within Cassandra's Tear. Cassandra, the prophetess sheds a tear for the victimization of women in a world of male terrorists. The words paint a rare insight into a primitive terroristic world of fantasy made reality by current events. The Artist Eve crosses the line between fantasy and reality in dreams of Cassandra, whom none will believe. Cassandra must preserve the secret of the TAIOWA tribe and face the truth of a RISEN GOD, as she strugles with an Impossible Love. Young Scientist Christian Von Kramer commissions the portrait to capture Cassandra's elusive personality and beauty. Dr. Jonathan Morro's research reveals incredible discoveries about the mind brain, chemical warfare and genetics. Everything erupts with the discovery that good and evil are a result of the existence of a fallen god and IT'S intention to return to outer space!
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