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"Under Your Skin: A Voyage through the Human Body"
0000-00-00 until 0000-00-00
Deutsches Museum
Munich, , DE Germany

This exhibition is devoted to the world of medical imaging of the body. It provides a comprehensive survey of the state of the art of these techniques. The focus is on diagnostic applications and hence on their contribution to the improvement of the quality of life. Aiming at information and instruction on this subject of topical interest, the exhibition presents an important area of the growing world of technical images that literally get under your skin.

These noninvasive techniques allow us to look inside the living body with a precision that was unthinkable only a few years ago. They concern every one of us because scanning the body in the course of a lifetime has become taken for granted in medical practice, beginning with ultrasound monitoring of the fetus. Last but not least, the peculiar beauty of these pictures and the secret magic of their messages exert a powerful effect on our aesthetic perception, far from disease and hospitals.

Contents and presentation

The spectrum of the medical-imaging technology presented covers six fields: X-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear imaging, ultra-sound scanning and endoscopy. Apart from the depiction of anatomic details, the specific value of these imaging techniques is their ability to show various functions of the organism, such as the flow of blood or the activity of the brain.

As all these imaging techniques work with fluorescent screens or monitors, we decided to use these windows into the body as a creative leitmotiv. In front of 24 live-sized figures wearing these screens and monitors, the visitor comes across his alter ego, as it were, where he will find the diagnostic images exactly in the places on the body where they were taken. This display device serves essentially to arouse curiosity and to invite further exploration of the different techniques. At the same time, this large group of figures with their strange attachments will not fail to impress even those who are not interested in medical details.

The figures are arranged according to different parts of the body and their medical examination. Spoken explanations and legends provide commentary. The area with the figures is separated by a transparent skin from the rest of the exhibition space.

Integrated in the skin surrounding the area with the figures, the outer surfaces of large luminescent boxes present the six different diagnostic techniques with their devices, schematic diagrams of their function, commentaries and pictures of their clinical application. The insides of these boxes show the historical dimension, illustrating the enormous progress in diagnostics with medical-imaging by showing graphic representations of dissected bodies dating from the 17th century on.

A separate area contains four computer terminals where visitors can try the software programs allowing virtual interior views and voyages through the body that are commercially available for educational purposes and edutainment. A film on medical-imaging and its uses in clinical diagnosis is in preparation.

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