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Indepth Arts News:

"Folk and Traditional Arts Grants Available"
0000-00-00 until 1999-12-06
Pew Fellowships in the Arts
Philadelphia, PA, USA United States of America

The Pew Fellowships in the Arts (PFA), established by The Pew Charitable Trusts in 1991, awards grants of $50,000 to Philadelphia area artists working in a wide variety of performing, visual, and literary disciplines. The program aims to provide such support at moments in artists' careers when a concentration on artistic growth and exploration is most likely to have the greatest impact on an artist's long-term personal and professional development. It is anticipated that grants will be used in large part to release artists from other types of employment so that they may pursue artmaking exclusively. Fellowships may be awarded to artists at any stage of their career development, from early to mature, and to artists working in a wide range of aesthetics and traditions. Up to twelve fellowships are awarded annually.



  • Folk and Traditional Arts
  • Painting
  • Scriptworks

Deadline Monday, December 6, 1999

All applications must be received in the offices of PFA by 5:00pm on the deadline. Please note that this deadline is for receipt of your application, not a postmark deadline.

A complete application will include:

1 original and 1 copy (or 2 copies) of the enclosed application form. The form must be completed using either a typewriter or a computer. You may cut and paste text to the application provided you make new copies of the blended material for submission. The application can also be accessed from PFA's web site, www.pewarts.org. 1 set of materials to verify age and residency. 1 set of support materials as specified for each field of application, clearly labeled according to directions. The field of application written boldly on the outside of the envelope. Self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage and adequate packaging if support materials are to be returned. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.

Please do not:

Reduce type size smaller than 10 pt. (in other words, please make certain that the type can be easily read). Staple or bind the application form or support materials. Submit extra pages, resumes, reviews, or any support materials that are not required.


Applicants who have completed the enclosed acknowledgment card will receive it approximately one month after the deadline. If immediate confirmation of receipt is needed, send the application by registered mail. If you do not receive an acknowledgment card within one month of the deadline, please contact our office to confirm that we have received your materials. Please do not call before a month has lapsed. Applicants who change their address between the deadline and notification date should contact PFA in a timely manner.


Artists may apply in more than one category annually, and in every year in which they believe they are qualified. If applicants apply in more than one field, a separate application and set of support materials must be submitted for each field. Applicants are likely to be most competitive in a category if they can demonstrate a significant commitment to and/or a body of work in that particular art form. Artists who have difficulty deciding in which area to apply should consider which category is most likely to include work similar to their own or have panelists who will be knowledgeable about the field in which the artist works.


Artists who clearly demonstrate an ongoing collaborative career in a single field may apply together. Such artists should submit separate biographical information (pages 1-2) on the enclosed application form, but complete only one artist's resume and statement (pages 3-6), and submit only one set of support materials. If a collaborative application receives an award, the grant will be divided evenly between the collaborating artists. Artists who collaborate but work in separate fields (such as a choreographer and composer) are encouraged to apply separately.


While PFA is aware that there is no adequate substitute for original works of art or live performance, under current circumstances there is no solution to the problem of review other than the various standardized reproductions of work samples (slides, etc.) requested in these guidelines. Since panelists will use an applicant's work samples as their primary basis for evaluation, applicants are urged to submit the best quality material in the most appropriate format possible. These work samples may be the only visual, written, or auditory experience panelists have with an applicant's work. The importance of high quality support materials cannot be overemphasized. We recommend that artists project their slides, proof read their scripts, review their video/audio tapes, and look over their application carefully before submitting them for review. General guidelines for submitted work are as follows:

Applicants are encouraged to submit their strongest current work (As a general rule, work created within the last five years). Applicants are strongly discouraged from submitting work done while a student. No more than the maximum number of materials specified will be reviewed. Do not send original works of art, printed reviews, promotional tapes, brochures, or catalogues. They will not be reviewed. Applicants must clearly state the roles of any other artists who may have been involved in works submitted. If an applicant is proposing to work on a particular piece or body of work during the fellowship period, the submission should include a portion of this particular work-in-progress or examples of the type of work to be pursued. If an applicant is moving in a new direction, the ability to articulate that direction through the work samples is very helpful to the panels and will enable the panel to make an informed decision. Applicants who believe their work is best demonstrated through documentation other than what is requested may submit additional support materials upon approval of PFA's director. Please contact the PFA office.

All support materials must accompany the application form. During the review process, all application forms and support materials will be the property of PFA. While taking all reasonable care, PFA cannot be held responsible for damage to support materials submitted. Fellowship recipients' support materials remain with PFA's office for archival purposes. Applicants not selected for fellowships may have their support materials returned after the announcement of the awards. If you would like your support materials returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your materials, otherwise, your support materials will be discarded. With the applicant's consent, slides of the visual artists are forwarded to the Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design for inclusion in the Levy Gallery Slide Registry.

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