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Indepth Arts News:

"2000 - A Glance Towards the Next Millennium"
2000-01-01 until 2000-02-01
Engel Gallery
Jerusalem, , IL Israel

The works illustrate the prominent creative forms of twentieth century art works: photography, sculpture, installation and of course the ever popular painting. This rich fabric of creation is expressed in the variety of forms that create the uniqueness and exclusivity of each artist.

The works tell us not only of how each artist views the cultural, social and political aspects, but of their specific point of view - whether optimistic or pessimistic - as to what the next century or millennium holds in store for us. The exhibition commences with our veteran artist, Malachi, who presents an optimistic view in the flight of a bird, sculptured in bronze, a metaphor of the continuous cultural flow, and a continuation of his exciting creations that captures the domains of imagination.

Displayed next are works of photography, which was in the forefront of the 90's artistic creation. It begins with a large photograph by Shai Zakai who places an image on the brink of an abyss, continues with a processed photograph adhered to plates by Aimee Margolis, a sort of integration between traditional art and technology which still expresses delicate human feeling - a mother and child relationship.

Edith Godik takes photography and prints a step further, presenting self portraits which, combined with eternity symbols of oriental origin, comprise an eternal human image. Ernesto Levy presents a delicate hand which looks like an X-ray and which he calls Armies of Light.

Another series of works deals with glances at or through windows. These are not computer windows, which have become a familiar association to the word, but traditional windows in the sense of openings. The square structure in the works by Noam Ben Horin, are opaque windows which are penetrated by other elements. In a simple, abstract form, the artist describes the situation of human existence from his personal point of view. Richard Bilan shows an image which reflects the portrait of the Last Emperor: with a halo or crown on his head, and at his side a pillar adorned with semi-apocalyptic imagery. Yigal Vardi in his Trilogy 2000 also deals with political aspects: beginning with Eros and obsession through ecology and ending with the abyss. These images deal, it would seem, with three of the foundations of human culture and society.

Meir Natif, Esther Percal, Yoav Ben-Dov, David Breur-Weil, Chaim Rosenthal and Sharon Naidos combine past, present and future in their works. The traditional vase in the works by Natif - which is never just a vase, but represented a fierce sense of human presence, or alternatively, the image of the hourglass. Percal's bird and eye, threaten in their beauty and are staring from above a thorn covered with gold leaf. Or the bird/dove images by Naidos, which float above, below and facing the observers - and whose huge dimensions create a sense of discomfort. Yoav Ben-Dov etched lines that record the passing of time on earth - counting the years passing by and leaving a wide space for adding lines that erase the future as time passes.

These are only a few of the rich possible expressions in art. The beauty of art is in the endless ways of expressing feeling, sensations and stories. This extensive point of view, allows us to both summarize that which has been and to contemplate whether these expressions will continue to intrigue creators and art lovers in the years to come.

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