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Indepth Arts News:

"Oni Exhibitions"
2000-01-15 until 2000-02-20
Boston, MA, USA United States of America

The exhibition will feature work by Scott Alberg, Bradley Rubenstein, Andrea Champlin, Meg Rotzel, Justin Leiberman, Kitty Reals, and Calvin Seibert. futuremaybe will be curator Zach Feuerís follow up to The Apartment Show (http://hugo.smfa.edu/~zfeuer). The show will explore 7 post-adolescent fantasies for the future. The artistís predictions deal with outer space, digital landscapes and science gone array. Andrea Champlinís paintings of an expanding digital landscape hint at expressiveness being taken over by binary code; but are saved by the visibility of the artistís mark in her mock digital exploration of painting. Bradley Rubensteinís subtle paintings at first appear to be delicate figure drawings, but at second glance reveal themselves as the products of a scientific disaster. His gentle technique evokes sympathy rather then fear in his monsters.

Scott Alberg, an MFA candidate at The Museum School, will be making his debut in futuremaybe with plastine sculptures of the Space Shuttle Challengerís explosion. His objects refer to an adolescent obsession with expositions and outer space while commenting on one of the most traumatic childhood events in the 1980 s. Meg Rotzel departs from Scott Alberg's childhood fascination with outer space by using small cast astronaut toys. She asks the viewer to step into the pose of the toy astronaut and perform the slippage between the projected future and the real of the present.

Video artist Justin Lieberman s piece Bath of the Future humorously explores the pleasures found in bathing in Styrofoam while mocking the absurd self pleasures of cyber romantic life. Kitty Reals also utilizes video in his installation Platform and creates a space for takeoff that is reminiscent of an MTV dance floor. Instead of seeing a countdown while standing on his Platform , the viewer is confronted with meaningless animated messages with phrases like stay tune or next flashing across the screen. Once taken off the Platform, the viewer is led over to Calvin Seibertís small gouaches. Calvin's work performs simultaneously as palm sized machines and massive space stations while playing slightly pathetic optical tricks on the viewer. Calvin s sleek yet awkward capsule-like forms leave the viewer disoriented while looking as his depiction of a possible escape route.

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