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Indepth Arts News:

"InfoArcadia: Manifestation about information design"
2000-01-25 until 2000-04-22
Stroom hcbk
Den Haag, , NL Netherlands

A well-designed graph tells us more about a specific phenomenon or situation, than any text can. The design that conveys the information (interface) makes is easier for our brain to absorb the facts. In the past charts, graphs and tables were already used to make information more clear. Today, information design is a (graphic) speciality, which incorporates aspects of marketing strategies, public relations en technical manipulation. In the old days the encyclopaedia structured the path form A to Z. Now we have to find our own way using modern search- and navigation systems.

The manifestation InfoArcadia consists of an exhibition and a conference. The exhibition is build up like a three-dimensional type page, CD-ROM or web page. The visitor can find or lose his own way in the forest of information. He is confronted with five different forms of presentation, which are the building stones of the exhibition:

-Visuals Strong images, that speak for themselves.
-Demo's Navigational systems, that require participation.
-Spoken columns The spoken word. Views of the participating artists and experts: video registrations and sound bites.
-Printed matter Words in print.
-Flyers Flyers are the connecting links in the exhibition. Who collects all the flyers, collects a catalogue.

The designer determines indirectly how we will understand data, how we will perceive certain events, what opinions we will form and even what we will consume. How can the interface make information more ˆor less- accessible?

InfoArcadia is a project by Maarten de Reus and Ronald van Tienhoven. They invited an international company of artists and experts in the field of design, media and psychology to take part in the exhibition.

-Bernard Cella (Austria) artist
-Matt Mullican (USA) artist
-Tjebbe van Tijen (Netherlands) artist, librarian
-Stephen McSweeney / Thomas Moore (Ireland) multimedia entrepeneurs
-Yuri Engelhardt (Netherlands) researcher Department of Computer Technology, University of Amsterdam
-Origin Medialab (Netherlands) interface research
-MIT Medialab (USA) interactive cinema
-Martin Dodge (UK) cyber geografie research
-Paul Mijksenaar / Piet Westendorp (Netherlands) Technical University of Delft, industrial design
-Jouke Kleerebezem (Netherlands) artist
-Ad Reinhardt (USA) artist
-Armand Schulthess (Switzerland) encyclopedist
-Paul Slovic (USA) statistician
-Bert Mulder (Netherlands) Parliament media specialist
-Schie 2.0 (Netherlands) urban planning and architecture
-Douwe Draaisma (Netherlands) psychologist, University of Groningen
-Bob Horn (USA) information designer / theoretician
-Sensorium (Japan) interface & information designers

Conference on Information design
Friday 18th and Saturday 19th February 2000

-Glorianna Davenport / MIT Medialab (USA) department of interactive cinema
-Marc Monmonier (USA) professor geography and cartography, Syracuse University
-Matt Mullican (USA) artist [subject to change]
-Ingeborg Lüscher (Switzerland) artist
-Bob Horn (USA) information designer / theoretician [subject to change]
-Tjebbe van Tijen (Netherlands) artist / librarian
-Bert Mulder (Netherlands) Parliament media specialist
-Edward Tufte (USA) professor statistics and information
design [subject to change]
-Rolf Pixley (USA) game-specialist [subject to change]

For more information please contact: Stroom hcbk, Spui 193 - 195, 2511 BN The Hague, the Netherlands, http://www.stroom.nl t +31 (0)70 3658985, f +31 (0)70 3617962, e info@stroom.nl opening times exhibition: Tuesday until Saturday 12-17

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