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Gamblin Artists Colors Co.
Portland, OR, USA United States of America

If you took all the pigments in the color spectrum and mixed them together, what color would they produceNULL Gamblin Artists Colors Co., a company known for making America's finest oil paints, answers the question with a new limited edition color, Torrit Grey 2000. Made from recycled pigment dust, Torrit Grey 2000 is available exclusively during the month of April, and is always free.

Dedicated to the environment of the earth and the artist's studio, Robert Gamblin, paintmaker and founder of Gamblin Artists Colors Co., has been an outspoken advocate of both environmental and studio safety issues for years. Pigment dust should not go into the earth, water or landfill, but into paint, says Gamblin. Torrit Grey 2000 is made up of every color we produced in 1999.

Gamblin began formulating Torrit Grey yearly to recycle pigment, and to focus artists on recycling in honor of Earth Day on April 22. Over the course of the year, when a bag of pigment is opened in the factory, escaping particles are collected in a dust extractor, call the Torit. Each January, Gamblin collects the pigments from the air-filtration system and makes them into a special oil color -- Torrit Grey -- which is made up of at least 60 pigments. The pigments mix together differently every year creating an exclusive color.

Though each issue of Torrit Grey is unique, it tends to have a greenish tinge because of the great strength of the phthalo green pigment, says Gamblin. And it varies from an medium dove grey to a dark earthy grey.

Approximately 4000 to 5000 37ml (1.25 fluid oz) tubes of Torrit Grey are produced annually. Torrit Grey 2000, available for a limited time only, is distributed through Gamblin dealers nationally while supplies last. A store list can be found on the Gamblin website at www.gamblincolors.com.

Enjoy the paint today, because this special color will only exist as paintings next year, says Gamblin. A juried exhibition of Torrit Grey 2000 paintings will appear next January on our website. Information about entry requirements is available on the Gamblin Artists Colors Co. website at www.gamblincolors.com.

About Gamblin Artists Colors

Gamblin Artists Colors Co., marking their 20th anniversary this year, is one of the premier artist paint companies in the world, and the only independent American company completely dedicated to oil painting materials. Robert Gamblin, artist and paintmaker, has emerged as one of the most important color experts working today. He has authored a chapbook on color, and has been retained to recreate historical oil colors for the Smithsonian Institution. Gamblin's environmentally-sound products eliminate artists' exposure to toxicity. At the forefront of studio safety issues, everything produced at the Gamblin factory is recycled and/or recyclable.

Gamblin Artists Colors Co. P.O. Box 625, Portland, OR 97207 tel: 503-235-1945 fax: 503-235-1946

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