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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Participation: Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting"
0000-00-00 until 0000-00-00
A Virtual Memorial
Cologne, , DE Germany

A counter point for the fast running and changing environment of the Internet will be created, intending to provoke starting an (artistic) discussion about essential questions of human existance.

Starting point:

Guilt and flight from responsability are often enough reason for repressing problems, forgetting means eliminiation of being (and vice-versa), remembering: the chance for sorting oneself out.

Certainly one of the most insisting examples represents the Holocaust, whether from the view of the victims, the culprits, the fellow travellers or the outsiders or the later born; not comparable in their dimension, but comparable in the consequence of human behaviors, the genocide in Kosovo, civil war in Angola, the meanwhile historical Apartheid in South Africa, the situation of the homeless people anywhere; but in the same way in the dayly life and the human interrelations the same repeating rituals happen; countless examples in the Past, Present and certainly Future, as well.

Forgetting and repressing are the basis of the publishing media and public meaning, the latest news are old and worthless while being published, human destiny only relevant if the viewing figures are on the highest level, and only, when connected with material profit.

The heart of a computer is called memory. The mass of contineously upcoming informations and data are beyond the limits of the available capacities. Data have to be deleted.

The dimensions may be small connected to the PC at home.

What's about the coordinating points where the relevant decisions are made in matters of administration, sciences, politics or economy. Who is allowed to decide, what or who worth is to be saved or to be alive, or what or who has to be changed or manipulated, or has to be deleted or extermineted because it is not worth to be saved or to exist. What's about all those people standing outside of that kind of responsablity.


This call is addressed to visual artists, who are invited to make an artistic statement to the subject by creating an object of art in form of a webpage, or submit already existing projects or webpages related to the subject.

In principle, all submitted homepages will be included in the project by installing a link to (including a reciprocal link from) the respective homepage.

Further more, www.a-virtual-memorial.de will function as a server and will be able to integrate homepages directly, already existing or created for the Memorial project, under certain selecting terms. Sufficient saving capacity is available.

Ask for terms and details.

Authors from the field of art, culture and sciences and persons of public relevance, who are invited to make statements to the subject under certain aspects, which will be integrated to the TextObjects section.

Institutions in the fields of art, culture, sciences and public relevance, who are invited to cooperating, networking and supporting.

Visitors of the website

who are invited to give live their personal comments to the project and its subject

The website of the memorial project will be a forum the exchange of the variety of collected informations and associations intending to create an image or memorial inside the viewer or visitor.

Further more, it is the author's intension, to realize the project at a later, progressing state in a real exhibition environment, as well.

Finally, the project is open for the Unespected, new developments and perceptions.

For more informations, please open the attachement or send an email to: info@a-virtual-memorial.de

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