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Lugwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst
Aachen, , DE Germany

1200 years ago CHARLEMAGNE - Charles The Great - was crowned emperor in Rome. He had just finished building the cathedral and his residence in Aachen. He stayed here until his death in 814 since he wanted Aachen to become the center of the Holy Roman Empire. In memory of the great Father of Europe the Internationale Karlspreis of Aachen honours a personality for his endeavours to unify Europe every year since 1950. In the year 2000 the American President Bill Clinton will receive the Charlemagne prize in Aachen. Who was Charlemagne. Was he a skirt-chaser, a fratricide, an adulturer, a murderer of the Saxons, an illiterate. Was he the ideal emperor, the magnus imperator, the hero of the crusades, a friend of the sciences, of fine arts and culture. His famous scripture Libri Carolini anticipated what society only could accept a thousand years later: freedom and souvreignity for the arts.

Artists of the world are invite to participate in a global, virtual exhibition on Charlemagne. Please send your contribution in any media be it a story, a photography, a recipe, a rhyme, a picture, music, a film, comic, limerick or whatsoever. Out of this an art exhibition will be built up on the internet to be opened September 8, 2000 on http://charlemagne2000.de

You are invited to visit now already. You will find an exhibition in progress at this address. Soon please also find helpful data on how to send your text, your pictures, audios and videos. A CD-catalogue for this CHARLEMAGNE home page will be issued with the exhibition.

CHARLEMAGNE seems to increasingly fascinate the artists of all media all over the world. Irvin H. Grika, multi-media artist from Mineapolis, Minnesota, inspired this world-wide web invitation looking for artists who are interested in expressing themselves on the legend, personality, dominion, time and life of CHARLEMAGNE: Irvin Herb Grikas installation CHARLEMAGNE - CHARMED MAN (1995) will be presented in the exhibition Karl der Große und Europa, also to be opened on September 8, 2000 in our house. At the same time Stephan Wewerkas art work Nachbau des Koenigthrons Karls des Grossen in der Pfalzkapelle Aachen 936 n.Chr. will be shown in this exhibition featuring art works of about 50 art students. They come from the three colleges for art and design at Liege/Belgium, Maastricht/Netherlands and Aachen/Germany.The American artist and musician Charlemagne Palestine thinks of making a chocolat sculpture and he will perform on the piano to honour Charlemagne at the opening.

The Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst in Aachen/Germany presents international and contemporary art from the world famous Ludwig collection. Changing exhibitions show both famous and less well known works of art from Europe and far off countries. Art is not institutionalized here but rather presented as a topic of discussion.

This is a cooperation of the Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst Aachen/Germany with the provider heimat.de.
contact: Ludwig Forum fuer Internationale Kunst, Juelicher Str. D-52070 Aachen, Telefon:-49-241-1807140; FAX:-49-241-1807101; e:mail:idrexler@aachen.heimat.de

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