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Indepth Arts News:

"The Spirit of Design: Fifieth Annual Conference"
2000-06-14 until 2000-06-17
International Design Conference in Aspen
Aspen, CO, USA United States of America

An international group of both young and established designers from the worlds of graphic, media, product design and architecture will be joined by visual artists and writers as well as a philosopher of mathematics, a leading Buddhist scholar, an anthropologist and a cognitive scientist. In order to investigate whether and how design contains, clarifies or encodes meaning(s), the conference will begin with a discussion of Consciousness and Creativity. A discussion of the healing powers of art by Russian artists, Komar and Melamid, will be followed by a presentation by Tibet House founder, Robert Thurman, on the Architecture of Enlightenment.

At a time when our sense of reality and purpose is constantly being challenged by ever-changing scientific theories and technological innovations, the International Design Conference in Aspen will investigate the intangible qualities that comprise the essence and the spirit of design.

The Spirit of Design will take a holistic approach to understanding the soul of design, a multi-faceted topic with a myriad of viewpoints.

The four-day event will bring together a group of speakers from widely divergent professional disciplines to explore a theme whose breadth and complexity will challenge the definitions, expectations and assumptions of the speakers and audience alike.

Each of the following three days presentations will focus on a different broad themes:

  • The Inner Spirit/The I
  • Beauty, Aesthetics and Perception

    Meaning and Making. Within these themes, speakers will consider a range of topics including:

  • The architecture of enlightenment
  • The healing powers of art
  • Qualia: the essence of red and a state of mind
  • Subtraction and reduction as a spirit-inducing design philosophy
  • Can spirit exist within the construct of virtual reality NULL
  • Bringing spiritual practice to architecture
  • My life as a robot
  • 21st century tea ceremony
  • The artist as geomancer
  • Joie de faire: the necessity of making
  • Design as conservator of cultural traditions and values
  • The experience of a chair
  • The making of emptiness
  • The biology and evolution of beauty
  • From genesis to birth: the life of an idea
  • Class/age/gender/race: biases in the eye of the beholder
  • The factory of ideas
  • Designing beauty

    Each topic will include a visual presentation by or about designers whose work embodies these notions.

    Afternoon sessions will provide the opportunity for formal presentations and informal, interactive discussions set in seminar rooms and on the grass under shady trees.

    The IDCA Student Program is a long tradition and students will find opportunities to meet speakers, Board members and other students.

    Of special interest will be the series of tea ceremonies in contemporary structures designed for the conference in which every element is designed from the activity to the vessels and the tools.

    The IDCA Film Program extends the conference theme with the complete screening of ńThe Decalogueî by legendary Polish filmmaker, Krzysztof Kieslowski.

    It is the hope of the IDCA that if we can reach a greater understanding of the manner by which design transmits meaning the design community will be in a better position to bring about positive change in the quality of peoples lives.

    We invite you to join us. Spirit of Design is the final conference in the trilogy honoring the Aspen Idea of the integration of body, mind and spirit. It begins the celebration of the 50th anniversary of IDCA and concludes the 50th year celebration with 50 Years of Talking Design in June, 2001.

    International Design Conference in Aspen
    P.O. Box 664, Aspen, CO 81612
    tel: 970-925-2257
    fax: 970-925-8495
    Email: info@idca.org

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