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Indepth Arts News:

"CONSUMER: I am the Consenting Part of the Fashion System - An installation by Sand T"
2000-06-14 until 2000-07-01
Boston, MA, USA

I began my career as a fine artist and window dresser in the 80's. Both a realist and artist at heart, I move comfortably in the dual world of arts and fashion. As the relationship between the two has long been an unsteady one, teetering on the brink of kiss-kiss admiration and childish animosity. I attempt to have the two come to terms in my installation series. I often use found objects and display props such as hands, heads, mannequins, dressmaker forms, all of which I have been collecting as media to interpret my personal and social experiences.

As art revolves around fashion and politics, it is always burdened by predictability, repetition and conservatism. In addition, economics has forced much of art to pander to attention grabbing and celebrity marketing to compete with increasing challenges from pop culture and entertainment. My installation series stands in a neutral position to playing the same games and aims to look for an authentic art experience. It strives for art as a process and experience over a commodity and object. The title for the installation piece that I am presenting at Mobius is Consumer: I am the consenting part of the fashion system. This installation is attempt to address contemporary issues of our attachment to materialistic values and possessions. It is not my intention to either glorify or to condemn the objective of this installation piece, but to invite contemplation and leave judgment up to the viewer. They can be seen as an indictment of contemporary culture, or, simultaneously, they can be understood as silent tributes to the fundamental tools of our society that we too often ignore. The materials I am using for this installation are metal hangers, clear plastic drop cloths, braided galvanized wire, and vellum. I will construct a 28-foot long, 4-foot wide plywood runway with a height of one foot. This white runway will be the centerpiece of the installation. 30 metal hangers draped with plastic drop cloths will be hang with braided galvanized wire from the ceiling above the runway. More than 100 keywords that invoke the notion of obsession and fetishism are to be printed on vellum stripes in various sizes ranging from 1 x 4 to 3 x 12. They are pinned on the runway from one end to the other on the installation site. Examples of these key words are: Sugar consume ravage Bazaar RICHARD ONG Attachment Wes K possession EDMUND SER absorb Dickies Giorgio Armani engross EMPORIO ARMANI modality Karl Lagerfeild spend wastefully W spend extravagantly Rich's Gianni Versace dissipate extravagant Jil Sander ownership Helmut Lang waste Anne Klein Salvatore Ferragamo violence squander coffee Ralph L destroy totally Miu Miu caffeine Sears Jean Paul Gaultier Vogue video Bernard Foong Gucci direct use Calvin Klein satisfy Michael Kors desires pizza Chanel Starbucks Wakako Kishimoto pink Donna Karan Sex Emanuel Ungaro eat Aerosmith Sand T drink up drugs Prada butter ingest Commes des Garcons clothing expend Anna Sui movie black Rei Kawakubo milk materialistic value economic goods cigarette white rice chopsticks services commodity fortune cookies K Mart Hussein Chalayan beer Chinese food Yohji Yamamoto coca cola Marc Jacobs food CDsss Dolce & Gabbana McDonald's use up seaweed purchase needs Anorexic Beauty

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