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Indepth Arts News:

"Geert Mul: Generating Live"
2000-08-01 until 2000-09-03
De Vleeshal
Middelburg, , NL Netherlands

Geert Mul has devised his imposing (video) image, sound and light installation, titled GENERATING LIVE, especially for De Vleeshal. The installation consists of four large screens onto which video images are projected, a massive sound system, twenty-four powerful lights and a light mixing desk. The different components of this installation are integrated completely through the use of computers. Specially designed software generates ever new settings of light, sound and images on the spot, at De Vleeshal.

An imposing and dynamic environment, combining elements of the visual arts, music, club culture and film at De Vleeshal

Featuring: Jochem Paap - sound design / Koot - video voiceover / Lucas van der Velden - Midi and sound programming / Geert Mul - video audio- and light design

During 20 minute cycles, one setting follows another - as in a film, with an opening scene, some scenes in the middle, a denouement and a closing scene. The opening scene introduces different images, sounds and light settings, in the same way as different characters are introduced in a film. These are then further explored in the following scenes, to subsequently come together again at the end (the denouement). A relativising distance is then provided by the closing scene, or the credits. Aided by the specially developed software, this underlying abstract structure enables each type of scene to enfold according to the same pattern, and also allows the different types of scenes in each cycle to consist of different combinations of images, sounds and light settings. Thus, through video, light and sound, the endless self-generating epos GENERATING LIVE comes into being.

Another remarkable feature of GENERATING LIVE is the way it has been created. The separate components of Mul's concept have been developed not only by Mul himself (video, audio- and light design), but also by Jochem Paap (known as a musician as Speedy J - sound design), Koot (video voiceover), and Lucas van der Velden (Midi and sound design). All participants have gained a formidable reputation in their own fields through the way in which they have combined artistic and technological innovation. This enables them to collaborate closely with others, drawing on their own expertise, as they have done in creating GENERATING LIVE. In this respect it is worth noting that they are all active in the club scene, where they are regarded as pioneers of new and innovative developments, such as the combination of mixed (video) images and music.

Besides working in collaboration, Geert Mul (Alphen aan de Rijn, 1965) has in recent years also worked both independantly and on commission, always adapting his work to the context and the public he works for. Outside the art world, his work has been shown at cultural events such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam (1998, 1999, 2000), the biennial exhibition Big Torino (2000) in Turin and, under the name Cut-Up, at the music festivals Lowlands (1997,1998,1999), and DRUM & RHYTM festival (1997,1988,1999). He has also made video's for the fashion label Diesel (1999, 2000). In August 2000 his work will be shown at the prestigious overview of Dutch photography and video art STILL/MOVING at the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto.

Many of these projects have been realised in collaboration with Koot (Alkmaar, 1971). Working with Jochem Paap/Speedy J (Schiedam, 1969), Mul has realised both the video / sound creation La Dérrive (1999) and the live show Harbour Sound and Vision (1999). Lucas van der Velden (Eindhoven, 1976) has also already collaborated with Paap.

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