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Indepth Arts News:

"01.01.01: Art in Technological Times"
2001-01-01 until 2001-07-08
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco, CA, USA

At one minute after midnight on January 1, 2001, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), in collaboration with Intel Corporation, will launch 01.01.01: Art in Technological Times, SFMOMA Director David A. Ross announced today. This ambitious and far-reaching exhibition will comprise a series of Web-based works accessible online beginning January 1 and over two dozen installations, video works, sound pieces and digital projects on view in the SFMOMA galleries from March 2 through July 8, 2001.

Organized by four of SFMOMA’s curatorial departments—Painting and Sculpture, Architecture and Design, Media Arts and Education—01.01.01 will chart recent work by some 35 artists, architects and designers who are responding to a world altered by the increasing presence of digital media and technology. As part of the Intel collaboration, the online component of the exhibition will be on view at the Museum’s Web site www.sfmoma.org and on www.artmuseum.net, an Internet-based museum gallery presented by Intel.

This ground-breaking project is not just a show of 'art about technology ' or 'high-tech art and design,' notes Ross. Rather, it will present artists, architects and designers whose work is carried out self-consciously in the shadow of the digital age, which is bringing new ideas and working processes to the studio, new exhibition practices to the gallery and offering radically new ways to connect creators and their potential audiences. The play-on-numbers of the launch date and title underlines the changing nature of museums and artists as they and the rest of society reflect upon life in technological times.

01.01.01 focuses on artists, architects and designers who create work that echoes the omnipresence of technology in modern life--directly and indirectly--and construct different ways to navigate the reshaped information landscape. The exhibition, both online and on site, will feature a number of specific commissions, recent SFMOMA acquisitions and new work by an international roster of artists and designers that includes, among others, Asymptote Architecture, Rebeca Bollinger, Janet Cardiff, Alison Craighead and Jon Thomson, Droog Design, Olafur Eliasson, Brian Eno, Aureia Harvey and Michaël Samyn, Jochem Hendricks, Tatsuo Miyajima, Mark Napier, Adam Ross, Karin Sander and Sarah Sze (a complete list of artists will be announced this fall).

Throughout the exhibition Think Texts will provide critical and philosophical commentaries on issues raised by the art and its connections to larger questions of digital technologies in the contemporary world. Embedded within the exhibition--on gallery walls, the Web site and flat-panel displays interspersed throughout the galleries--the texts will help knit together the diverse creative approaches of the works on view. The texts will also appear in the accompanying 01.01.01 publication, which will act as an innovative user's guide to the exhibition, with a design integrally linked to the online and on-site exhibition concept.

The array of works online and at SFMOMA will explore a number of overlapping and intermingled themes on the subject of art in technological times—works that reveal technology, are produced with cutting-edge techniques, construct artificial identities, examine the sprawl of networks and information overload and reveal (or revel in) the blurring of reality. The 01.01.01 Web component will consist of three realms: curatorial writings about themes explored in the exhibition, commissioned digital artwork and a series of online public programs that will include live Web dialogues between visitors, artists and curators. After the launch of the online component on January 1, the site will continue to grow and evolve as a seamless and integral part of the exhibition.

In tandem with 01.01.01, which will occupy all of SFMOMA’s fourth-floor galleries, a fifth-floor exhibition drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection will consider the evolving role of museums in a world altered by the increased intermingling of real and virtual forms of experience, expression, communication and commerce. Interactive devices just being developed and in-depth information resources produced by SFMOMA will be available online and in the galleries. These various digital initiatives will link the artists’ use of new technologies in 01.01.01 to the evolving deployment of new technologies as learning resources within the Museum.

The exhibition 01.01.01: Art in Technological Times builds on SFMOMA’s impressive record as an international leader in exploring the intersection of art and technology and the possibilities of art-making and arts education in digital media. SFMOMA has been one of the most active institutional presenters and collectors of media art, including video art, audio environments and various forms of digital art. Pioneering the exploration of digital design, SFMOMA was the first museums in the United States to acquire Web sites for its permanent design collection and these holdings are exhibited on a rotating basis in e.space, the Museum’s online gallery at www.sfmoma.org. The Museum recently inaugurated the $50,000 SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art to recognize and encourage artists working in online media.

Jeremy Blake
Digital animation with sound
Media: DVD
Equipment: 50 flat plasma screen, DVD player
Edition: 5 + 1 AP
Collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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