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"Contemporary Fine Art by: Corine Borgnet, Brett Chenoweth, Bridget Dearborn, Tim Duch, Yigal Elyadin, Karen Fitzgerald, Robert Martinez and Robin Ross"
2001-02-01 until 2001-04-26
NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc. at Pfizer Inc. World Headquarters
New York, NY, USA United States of America

NURTUREart is pleased to present works of contemporary fine art by: Corine Borgnet, Brett Chenoweth, Bridget Dearborn, Tim Duch, Yigal Elyadin, Karen Fitzgerald, Robert Martinez and Robin Ross. While working in different methods and materials, each of the artists manipulates one common element - time. That moment of a quiet personal epiphany, a journey etched into the land or the collective unconscious, the times in one's life, or the time with which to create.

CORINE BORGNET's painting Alice in Wonderland is a pop surrealist narrative of the timeless fabled journey. Borgnet brings Alice to life in a sculptural piece specially created for the exhibit.

BRETT CHENWETH sees the colors within his ever-changing world while capturing the moment's emotion and memories of a space within the confines of a square canvas.

BRIDGET DEARBORN's deliberate piling on, melding and scraping of paint is infused with elements of chance, creating each piece as it is played out on an ordered square or rectangular plane. What brings about unity is her delicate, somewhat soothing, but always intense, pure colors.

TIM DUCH's paintings portray a unique convergence of history, nature and the man-made. History is retold from the shorelines of the Hudson River System, and from the Erie Canal to the Gowanus Canal, where water, earth and sky mix with the Industrial Age, the development of New York State, and the post-industrial world.

YIGAL ELYADIN compiles mathematical research data used to evaluate the effectiveness of experimental drugs in the search for an AIDS cure into a dated diary, which is then cross-referenced with a color scheme he has developed. This scheme colors the imagery in his multi-dimensional pieces.

KAREN FITZGERALD collages images of a butterfly's wing, the shell of a turtle, a section of coastline, the close-up of a hummingbird's head and wings, and lightning bolts within a lush, circular painting entitled, Ruby Throat. The piece creates a diverse range of experiences that merge the real with the metaphysical into a quiet place for a viewer's consideration of essence

ROBERT MARTINEZ interweaves, plays off, ruptures and collides divergent times - his own, Civilization's, and the actual time spent creating each work of art. Pieces are synthesized onto a single plane, whether it is a wall drawing, painting or mixed media on paper.

ROBIN ROSS has been interviewing artists for the past two years about their spirituality. The resulting insight is used as the underlying unifier in their portraits. The portraits use found machinery parts, earth-toned pigment with touches of color applied in gestural strokes with excerpts from the interviews etched into the paint, or layered across the surface.

Tim Duch
Hackensack River Looking North to Power Plant

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