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Indepth Arts News:

"Four Exhibtions: Alex Pittendrigh, Caroline Brunet and Tara Shield, Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey, Eugenia Raskopoulos"
2001-03-16 until 2001-04-12
Centre for Contemporary Photography
Fitzroy, VI, AU

The Centre for Contemporary Photography presents four exhibitions: Alex Pittendrigh. Take care! The phantom!; Caroline Brunet and Tara Shield. Trompe l’Oeil; Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey. LumpCD; Eugenia Raskopoulos. Turn on the Tongue. CCP is supported by the Victorian Governmant through Arts Victoria - Department of Premier Cabinet.

Alex Pittendrigh. Take care! The phantom!

Inspired by 1980s power dressing, Pittendrigh's contradictory photographic and sculptural ensembles document the body at play. Through an examination of the natural world, Pittendrigh contextualises current fashion discourse in relation to the environment and to basic human desires and instincts. Notions of 'blending in' through costume and dress are re-examined in terms of insect morphology and processes of adaptive mutation. Through camouflage and other patterning devices, Pittendrigh transforms the uniformly grey business suit, presenting a fashion spectacle based upon concepts of mimesis, the morphology of the body and biological defence strategies.

Caroline Brunet and Tara Shield. Trompe l’Oeil

The more adroit we are at carbon copies, the more confused we are about the unique, the original, the real McCoy (Hillel Schwartz, 1996) Brunet and Shield seek to expose a contemporary and everyday reliance upon illusionistic means and methods, Plastic foliage, wilderness posters, oil painting reproductions and artificial light are presented as symptomatic of the constructed nature of our common existence. Dissecting a variety of both empty and inhabited social spaces, from gyms to stadiums to office buildings and eateries, Trompe I'oeil formally conflates boundaries between original and copy, reality and reproduction,

Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey. LumpCD

Enter the world of TMGP Incorporated, a fictitious biotechnology company that has succeeded in developing LUMP (Lifeform with Unevolved Mutant Properties TM), the world's first designer baby. The LUMP is a human, genetically re-engineered from the ground up - smarter, stronger, cuter - and available to any parent who can afford it, LumpCD allows the player to explore this strange world and find out what really goes on behind the company's slick advertising campaigns and marketing promises, An immersive narrative environment, LumpCD features fully rendered 3D environments, strange characters and a funky soundtrack by Subtopia, A part of the 24- 7 Digital Art Program

Eugenia Raskopoulos. Turn on the Tongue

Raskopoulos' uncompromising art is a constant questioning, a light-text-space writing, of our existential dwelling in language. It is graphically cognisant of how our understanding of identity, exile, migrancy and place is realised as we travel through our languages, histories and worlds and how we always need to be open to the risks of being-in-the-world (Heidegger's Dasein). What is called for by Raskopoulos is nothing less than art as a language of becoming, art as self-translation, an ethics of being. In a word, Raskopoulos' art is intimately connected with the continuing drama of the other.
(John Conomos, 1999)

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