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2001-04-04 until 2001-06-20
Targetti Art Light Collection
Florence, , IT Italy

The competition is open to young artists of no more than 35 years of age (on January 25th 2001), coming from Italian and foreign Academies and Art Institutions, or nominated by experts in the sector. The competition is open to artists from all countries. Anyone directly involved in the organization and running of the competition is not eligible to enter. Entrance into the competition is free. The creation of works of art utilising artificial light. Participants may take part in the competition by presenting a Light Work for the Targetti Art Light Collection or a Light Sculpture for the White Light Collection.


All works of art must be unpublished (meaning neither previously exhibited at shows nor published in printed editions). Artificial light must be used as the essential component of the work and every type of lighting technology may be utilized. The work must be designed making use of material and technology capable of allowing for the piece to be reproduced. The artist may develop his/her work using any techniques and materials, provided that they are combined with the use of light sources, regarding which he/she may take advantage of the technical guidance provided telephonically by experts at Targetti Sankey S.p.A.

a) Light Works - Targetti Art Light Collection:
The work must be constructed on a single supporting element, made from material of the artist's choice. The support must be composed of a panel, a rigid self-supporting structure which can be attached to the wall. The dimension of the panel must be 120x120 cm, with a thickness of 6 cm; the work may have sections projecting out from the panel. Any kind of material may be applied to the panel; electrical accessories (transformers, reactors etc.) must be hidden behind the panel or inside the 6 cm thickness in order for the work to be admitted.

b) Light Sculptures - White Light Collection:
The work must be completely white and the sum of its dimensions (length, width and breadth) may not exceed 180cm. The work must be placed on a horizontal surface, a table or other. The work may be developed with any materials or techniques on condition that they allow for reproduction.


The artists taking part in the competition must forward the following documentation to Targetti Sankey SPA:

1. The design of the work to be entered in the competition, i.e.: a model of the work (on a paper support suitable for public exhibition - format max. 50x70 cm); detailed specifications of the technical characteristics and structural material; any photos of part of the work or the complete work (if already constructed); plus a brief description of the work.

2. A brief curriculum vitae and professional outline including personal data

3. Photos (max. 6) of any other works already produced.

4. Any other material documenting the artist‚s own work and activities (catalogues or publications pertaining to participation in projects and one-man/collective shows, critiques, press reviews, etc.).


The above mentioned documentation must be forwarded to Targetti Sankey SPA by June 20, 2001, with PREMIO TARGETTI ART LIGHT clearly indicated on the envelope. All documentation material received will not be returned and remain in the files of the Targetti Art Light Collection.


The Jury for evaluating entries will be presided by:
Steven D. Lavine (President of The California Institute of the Arts)
and will consist of:
Umberto Allemandi (Director of The Art Newspaper)
Stefania Aluigi (Responsible for ArteFiera)
Amnon Barzel (Artistic Director of the Targetti Art Light Collection)
Omar Calabrese (Rector of Santa Maria della Scala, Siena)
Anna Detheridge (Journalist at Il Sole 24 ore)
Maurizio Mazzotti (Co-Founder of the competition)
Paolo Targetti (President of Targetti Sankey SPA)


On the basis of the documentation received, the Jury will make a selection of 7 projects for the Light Works and the 7 projects for the Light Sculptures which will be admitted as fully qualified entries into the competition. These projects will then be carried out by the artists, each of which will receive the sum of 500 EURO for reimbursement of expenses.


On completion, the fourteen selected works must be forwarded to Targetti Sankey SPA before November 15, 2001 (all late entries will be excluded from the competition). A further analysis will then be conducted for selecting the two winning works in each category, a copy of each will form part of the Targetti Art Light Collection and in the White Light Collection. The judges decision, which is final and not subject to appeal, will be communicated to the entrants.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners in January 2002 at ArteFiera Bologna; where the entire Targetti Art Collection will be on display including the works of the winning artists.


The winning entries will receive the following awards:
1st prize in the „Lights Works‰ category: 6,000 EURO
1st prize in the „Light Sculptures‰ category: 6,000 EURO
2nd prize in the „Lights Works‰ category: 3,000 EURO
2nd prize in the „Light Sculptures‰ category: 3,000 EURO


All rights pertaining to the winning entries will become the exclusive property of Targetti Sankey SPA and the artists shall agree to grant the Company the rights to reproduce the winning works. The artistic director of the Targetti Art Light Collection will have the final decision regarding whether to reproduce a limited number of the works or not. Targetti Sankey SPA will take responsibility for the reproduction costs of copies. In the event of any replicas being produced, the artists shall agree to number and sign as authentic each work reproduced in a limited number. The artist grants Targetti Sankey SPA the right to use his name and photos of his work for promotional purposes, limited to catalogues, pamphlets or other advertising material issued for promoting the collection. The artist consents to take part in promotional activities coordinated by Targetti which may also involve other artists.

Consuelo de Gara - Targetti Art Light Collection
Targetti Sankey SPA - Via Pratese 164, 50145 Firenze - ITALY
tel. + fax +

The Targetti Art Light Collection is a collection of contemporary works of art, promoted and financed by Targetti Sankey SPA, a company active in the field of architectural lighting for over 70 years and which has always been committed to supporting the arts.

Starting from 1997 and following an idea of Paolo Targetti, the artistic director Amnon Barzel, invited fourteen artists (Gilberto Zorio, Rivka Rinn, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Vittorio Messina, Donatella Mei, Lena Liv, Werner Klotz, Kristin Jones & Andrew Ginzel, Franco Ionda, Olafur Eliasson and Fabrizio Corneli) to create „Light Works‰, i.e. installations sharing the common theme of light but freely and diversely interpreted by each individual artist. The various lighting instruments used have contributed to and exalted the expressive potential of their work.

A travelling exhibition of these pieces is underway in Italy and abroad. The collection has been exhibited in Florence (in the crypt of the Basilica of Santa Croce), in Milan (at the Fondazione Mudima and at the Galleria Marella), in Ljubljana (at the ancient castle), in Ferrara (at the National Museum of Architecture), in Rome (at the Galleria La Nuova Pesa and in Via Borgognona „Una strada per l’Arte‰), in Lyon (during the traditional Light Festival), in Buenos Aires and in Bologna (ArteFiera 2000). The last exhibition included the artworks of the first four winners of the Targetti Art Light Award: Shinji Yamamoto, Attilio Tono, Ferrario Freres and Fabrizio Rivola.

In 1999 the Targetti Art Light Collection was awarded the „Guggenheim Business and Culture Prize‰(in the category: Project communicated most effectively), a competition open to enterprises who chose cultural events as an instrument through which to communicate their values. The intrinsic value of the works of art developed is augmented by the valuable experience obtained from the artists‚ cooperation with the Company specialists which, in turn, develops into a profitable exchange of ideas and experiences between the usually distant worlds of culture, technology and business.

The permanent home of the Targetti Art Light Collection is located in Florence, at the Lighting Academy, La Sfacciata, a Renaissance building, once home to the Vespucci family. There, Targetti has created a centre for promoting the Culture of Light.

Catalogue: Targetti Art Light Colleciton, curator Amnon Barzel, second edition June 2000. pp.206

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