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"in the meantime...Videos, Installations and Photography of Eight Artists"
2001-04-07 until 2001-05-27
De Appel
Amsterdam, , NL

The exhibtition presents the work of Mark Bain, Yael Bartana, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Angela Ferreira, Ksenia Galiaeva, Tracey Rose, Buelent Sangar, and Jun Yang. in the meantime… is a segment between two points. It is not a departure nor an arrival, but a moment that almost functions as a number of stills that are isolated from a film creating a new situation.

The exhibition in the meantime... curated by the Curatorial Training Programme at De Appel in Amsterdam, will present the videos, installations and photography of eight artists focusing on narratives of site and movement. All art works are derived from a particular situation and consciousness, extracting observations and private histories from the artists' archive of personal experiences. This consciousness prompts the artists to deal with the political, the geographical, and the everyday in a non-didactic way. No conclusions drawn, however. Rather than a single obvious reading, there are several readings that are available. A constant oscillation between reality and fiction, fiction and documentary, the communal and the private realm of the individual is offered.

The art of Sebastián Díaz Morales and Bülent Sangar emphasises an awareness of their 'in between status'. Yael Bartana's and Tracey Rose's work confronts the spectator, while distancing him/her from their intense experience. Jun Yang, Ksenia Galiaeva and Ângela Ferreira investigate the interplay of time and space, the now and the before, and the way we can relate to their perceptions, whereas Mark Bain's nearly imperceptible sound paths unconsciously stop the visitors in their tracks.

The layers of time and place involved in the works of art presented in in the meantime... engage the viewer in the complexity and awareness of the situation, leading to new ways of exploring and understanding individual circumstances. An exhibition catalogue and web site - www.inthemeantime.nl - will accompany and explore the exhibition and its process on different levels and will be presented at the opening on April 6th. The artists will be present in Amsterdam at the opening of the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition, a screening programme will be presented on Friday, the 13th of April, 2001 at 8 pm located at and in collaboration with the Cinema De Balie in Amsterdam. For reservations please call 020 553 5100.

De Appel is a center for contemporary art, located in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the past 25 years of its existence it has operated in an international network of art centres, museums and other exhibition spaces. The wide range of techniques and contexts for presenting contemporary art have been a recurring theme in the projects and exhibitions realised at De Appel as well as in its publications and public talks. The aim of the Curatorial Training Programme, founded in 1994, is to bridge the huge gap between the day to day practice of making exhibitions and the theoretical background offered by universities.

Bülent Sangar
Part of Photographic Series

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