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Indepth Arts News:

"Gypsies, Jews, Blacks and Queers and other free radicals (Nu Elementz in Performance Art at Notting Hill Arts Club)"
2001-05-31 until 2001-07-15
Centre of Attention
London, , UK United Kingdom

This show is telling you that: Fine art is concerned with itself in a way that no other art form could get away with. Art people are neurotic contends Freud. Sublimated desire erupts in their practice. sexual energies are channeled into areas where the impulse that dictates them erupts again and again. Instead of obfuscating they should by stylish and hip. They should also be willing to exploit the downtrodden, the outsiders, the experience of others and put it to their own service. Because self-love rules.

I want some of your attention; give it to me. Chrisse Hynde. This work is new and valuable: in dealing with culture, with desire, with Being, with incongruity, with misplaced, mis-shaped, look at me, look what I done, mentality, sensuality: broken and bastardised. The barriers that define the normal, the bogeymen, out there: Your worst nightmare and your waking secret dream. To be violated by that which you violate. If not them, then me: If not me, then them.

Let my people go go‚ - Moses or Sly and the Family Stone. Remove the middle class nexus that neuters and drains of all vitality the wonderful human exuberance of being. Puritan is suspicious of anything that gives pleasure. Pleasure yourself.

The Thesis of Radical Chic suggests that the privileged adopt the modes of dress of the exploited, the outsiders, the undesirables. The Romance of ŒGypsies, Tramps and Thieves‚, Cher, has a long history. The economically disenfranchised, the surplus humanity that keeps labour cheap for the masters; Tax evaders are great material for the Stylish.

PULLING A FAST ONE. The exploited become models for emulation in style matters. Poverty is extremely marketable. This is what this show does. Using individuals that belong to marginalised groups provides us with chilling monsters. We let them speak.

GETTING AWAY with MURDER. Music and fashion are pre-occupied with the poor urban blacks of North America. It‚s cool to be Poor.... and make good. This is what the privileged wish to tell the world by adopting the style of the marginalised: they have made it on their own.

REVOLT not ROMANCE. To be poor and to become a master is every young blood‚s dream. But this solves no one‚s problems and lets selfishness rule. This way of managing our existence is no longer tolerable. Let‚s give life over to pleasure not struggle.

PURE FILTH is the ONLY WAY. The piety and the self pity of those that identify with out groups has been underestimated. The only motivation is that of self-interest.

The Centre of Attention has no Centre The romantic gypsy gallery continues to wander intrigued by the marginal as an identity the gallery reflects its own nature. Exploit or take on elements of the appearance of out groups, elements outside society. If you want to be cool.

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