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"THIS IS THE FLOW by The Girl Skateboard Company + Gyz La Rivière & Robert Rosenau"
2001-06-17 until 2001-08-12
De Vleeshal
Middelburg, , NL Netherlands

A first-of-its-kind project exploring the ideas of form, commodity, creativity, space and imagination as it exists in the world of skateboarding. If you have ever kicked around on the stuntwood you've probably also customized your griptape, designed homemade stickers, constructed a board from the remains of four dying boards, filmed every one of your friends skating, or built something that resembles a ramp. The list actually goes on and on, but the point is in there. Creating things and skateboarding roll along right next to each other. Always have. This premise is at the heart of this exhibition. Kind of. And if you've ever kicked around on the stuntwood, you've also, at some point, probably spent more of your time doing just that, trying to get better and better. You made stuff when you were bored or hurt.This premise is at the heart of this exhibition. Kind of.

Two facts that are solid in skateboarding are that some people need skateboards and some people supply skateboards. However, the grey area that exists between those two extremes is vast and complex. A population of people whose numbers could fill a decent sized city exist in this realm, passing in, around and above each other, bound together by some weird unspoken tie. Elements of the two extremes mentioned above permeate into this space, feeding people with ideas, money, contracts, film, art shows, music, magazines, jobs, travel, flow lists, A-Teams, B-Teams, demos, and promos. The flow is just that. A river. Forms are recycled, ideas are recycled, objects and places are born and then die and then are reincarnated, scenes are idolized and bashed, secret spots are blown up, people appear and then they vanish. Sales go up, sales go down. Limits get pushed until they burst, wheels spin and then they stop, and then everything is silent. But the flow remains.

This is the Exhibition:
With many of these elements in mind, this project was born. On one side of this collaborative fence there is Girl Skateboards, a company widely recognized by the superior talent that makes up it's skate team and by the creative and innovative angles they choose when creating videos, board graphics, magazine ads, etc...The creative core of Girls' part in this exhibition is the Art Dump (Rob Abeyta, Megan Baltimore, Jeremy Carnahan, Rick Howard, Andy Jenkins, Tony Larson, Michael Leon and Andy Mueller.) On the other side, Gyz La Rivière and Robert Rosenau, artist/skaters from the Netherlands. Robert and Gyz are part skate archeologists, part (de)constructionists, part performance artists, utilizing materials as varied as found objects, video, light, projections and installations.
In this exhibition, the Art Dump team has drawn heavily upon the ideas of art as a sustaining force in the actual business of skateboarding as well being a showcase for the creators in this medium and the moving world they pull inspiration from. From this exhibition an actual board series has been developed, and viewers will be given the opportunity to get a glimpse into this process. Each artist will be using an installed station that will feature his two graphics and be used to reveal all of the art/thought that was created in the development of this project. The stations also, inadvertently, serve as mock shop displays containing boards, and a show specific zine -- thus accenting the commercial, or practical, side of the artwork.

Robert and Gyz are addressing skateboarding from the consumer end. The re-birth of the product after purchase by a skateboarder. By layering and filling the space with large interactive, mobile walls Robert and Gyz have created a sort of guide thru the space. The walls have been constructed out of hundreds of used and new skateboard parts, video projections, transparencies and found objects. Both sides in this project are using materials given to them by the other, new objects becoming used and faded, assigned new duties, while the lifeless and broken are thrown back onto their wheels, and, back into the flow.

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