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Indepth Arts News:

"The Politics of Barro / IV Barro de America Biennale"
2001-06-17 until 2001-08-19
Complejo Cultural La Rinconada,
Caracas, , VE Venezuela

Within the framework of the IV Barro de America Biennale, which is being developed by Venezuela's National Council for the Arts, the Sao Paolo Memorial Foundation, the Alejandro Otero Museum, the Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas and the Museum of Fine Arts under a curatorial criterion that focus on the relationship between Man-Nature-Society, the MAO will present the chapter The Politics of Barro, emphasizing on artwork that explores the transformations suffered by the natural space as a consequence of geopolitical divisions and the development of society. The artists gathered here express the setbacks encountered by man within his urban space, augmented by the globalized culture and by the rapid changes that affect lifestyles in today’s society.

Venezuelan as well as Brazilian artists will present their projects that articulate themes such as violence, territorial prejudices, discrimination, male chauvinism, political divisions, and expressions from the urban world and the artificial nature.

Brazilian curators Fabio Magalhães and Leonor Amarante coincide in pointing out that the works presented by the Brazilian artists at the IV Barro de América Biennale propose a reflection about our globalized world and the pluralistic societies, where artistic production, formed by minorities, seems independent, and, above all, detaching itself from that world and emphasizing on their own identity. The rescue of the poetic points out the creative dialogue, free from pseudo-globalizing strings, which luckily do not touch visual arts.

Contemporary metaphors
The artists participating in the IV Barro de América Biennale understand earth and clay as metaphors. They take advantage of these elements and find new meanings in them. Installations, photographs, architectural interventions, ceramics, sculptures and prints will be exhibited at the Museo Alejandro Otero, making obvious the liaison between the human element and earth and the contemporary world.

The Venezuelan artists who will be participating on the Biennale are Alexander Apóstol; María Cristina Carbonell; Magdalena Fernández; Alí González; Clemencia Labin; Claudio Perna; Carola Bravo; Joel Casique; Tilena Morales; Pedro Fermín; a trio of artists composed by José Manuel Da Silva, Raul Da Silva and Yordin Herrera; Lihie Talmor and; Carlos Quintana; and Marlene Almeida; Keila Alaver; Jorge Menna Barreto; Sandra Cinto; Arthur Lescher and; Marco Paulo Rolla for Brazil.

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