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Indepth Arts News:

"Portail Francophone de l'Art"
2001-07-05 until 2001-07-17
Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center
New York, NY, USA United States of America

Three artists from different countries worked together to organize this most extraordinary exhibition. Jean Pierre Gantois, president of Promotion'Arts in France; Gueganne, owner of Gueganne Galerie Studio in Canada and Judith Wray, president of Visual Arts League in the United States. This exhibition, will demonstrate what artists can accomplish when working together, even with great distance separating them.

Work by 30 talented French Artists, beside of 3 well known Canadian Artists featuring Gueganne Doucet, Denyse Beaudry Leduc, and Lise Grondines will be featured.

The French Artists exhibiting are :
Anik Dohen
Catherine Boix Vives
Claire Pietri
Claudine Berthelin
Denise Woirin
Daniel Niaux
Fabienne Ardio-Schumacher
Florence Liautaud
Gaulbert (Guilbert Berard)
Huguette Martel
Isabelle Ernst Fhima
Jacques Bernes
(Jean Pierre Tronche) Woll
Josette Guiot
Karine Lagrasse Grunfelder
Lillianne Novak
Lina (Pozzi Bugliarelli Carolina)
Madelaine Rey-Brochard
Maguy Rion Collingnon
Martins Alberto
Monique Chery
Nicole Rogerie
Paule B (Causero Paulette)
Sarah Longlands
Simonne Guéremy
Sylvaine Sobalski
Vinca Migot

The work shown will represent different perspectives of how artists see themselves and the world. The viewer will have the opportunity to view figurative, nonfigurative paintings, reflecting traces of modern romanticism, abstract and conceptual arts along with mysticism, surrealism, symbolism, as well as sensual erotic imagery of Art Nouveau in their works. These are the personal expressions of each artist, what they feel and what they are sensing at the very moment they are creating. At times they are reflective and introspective, and at other times they celebrate life and the awesome mystical possibilities of their imaginations. Some artists attempts to reveal the universal and the beautiful elements found in the world around us, and like the Masters they believe that capturing the inner essence of their subject matter is as important as painting the external mask. However, all subject matters and content are always for the viewer to consider and ponder.

The viewer will notice that many of these artists have studied the style of the Impressionist Masters; only in this way can they control the consistency and vitality of their medium. These methods of the Masters also contribute to works of art with lasting value and a permanence that is timeless.

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