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Indepth Arts News:

"Tactical Intervemtion Strategies: 19 Works at Many Sites"
2001-07-05 until 2001-08-12
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Perth, WA, AU

Tactical /ntcrvcntion Strategies (TIS) is a city-wide exhibition which includes nineteen different works, projects, and events mounted in various sites throughout Perth The thir1y plus artists involved in the exhibition include a collective of artists from Switzerland, some Perth expats based in Sydney and a freshly picked bushel of tasty local talent.

Loosely defined, intervention may be described as being 10 interfere with intent (divine +/or other-wise). How the intent is applied (and to what/ where/ whom} is where tactical maneuvers and strategic play enters the big picture.

As a tool used by artists, the concept of intervention has a rich history of association with various key movements of the later part of the 20th century including the Situationists, land Art, 705 happenings, Fluxus, feminist revisionists, Guerilla An Action Group. Punk…to wag the finger at but a few. This long legacy of wor1l is largely linked by a desire to challenge, subvert, and promote re-negotiation of received and accepted meanings ideologies, structures and form - both within the white-cube reality of the ar1-world and out past the door-step and into the real-wor1d

Continuing in this tradition, the works included in the TIS exhibition include a truly eclectic array of contemporary interventions into a variety or spaces, both concrete and conceptual. Covering the gamet of response mechanisms from disturbing to playful, profane to profound, sublime to subterfugal the over-riding flavour of the show is a taste of deadly serious light- heartedness. Many of the works involve an engagement with spaces outside the gallery and/or a renegotiation of the space inside the gallery, through the invitation to interact with artworks in ways that you might not have tried before.

A work that is truly interactive (beyond move the cursor around the screen) is airstreams, a work created by the AIRLINE collective from Switzerland. The airstreams are made from enormous truck~tyre inner.tubes covered in a smooth white leather with a soft futon mattress centre. These are suspended in a huge web of ropes at about seven metres off the floor, People are invited to climb up rope ladders and spend lime together floating in the air,

Or you could choose to put your money where your mouth is and buy one of a range of offensive T -Shirts which have national stereotype slogans printed on them. T-Shirt interventions have previously been staged at tourist hot-spots such as the Sydney Opera House during the Olympics, and now its Perths turn.

Video works include Everybody Needs, a work which takes selected moments from retro episodes of Neighbours (Jason Donovan when he was still considered the type of boy you could bring home to your mullet) and placing them in obsessively repetitive sequences to create a form of structural video epilepsy. Follow and Watching Brief - A guide to CCTV, deal with Surveillance in the City, and will assist you in acquiring best dress codes and behavioural patterns to ensure that you are noticed by your friendly neighbourhood surveillance technician.

Billboards as medium and site of intervention are utilised in a number of works. The centrepiece of the BEFORE/ AFTER series features the heads of Gorbachev and Stormin Normin Schworzkopf - Masters of World Business and Global Interventionist Politics while Paper over / to pulp by nature’ transforms the crude material of crass billboard advertising, and left-over packaging detritus, into a landscape of tropical idealism, open skies, and crystal blue seas.

Repetition has emerged as a formal theme in the show, and the animated stencil graffiti of the Extinct project, the multiple security guards involved in (in)security (one night only at the opening), and the episodic insertion of the Wagner Ring Cycle of operas into the personals and classifieds of various newspapers all deal with sequencing and seriality in one way or another.

Some of the off-site works to look out for include the transformation of escalators throughout the city into momentary ping-pong waterfalls, whilst Culture Gut uses materials of a heavier note to make its public art statement - a caravan and an industrial bin.

At the other end of town, corridor sees the transformation of a corridor leading off Murray Street to the soup kitchen in Tram by Hall, run by the Wesley Mission. Jenn Lowe applies her special brand of hyper-optic design, showcased in the latest edition of Home Beautiful, onto a site trafficked by the homeless. Open from 6am - 2 pm every weekday, a visit to the site of corridor; 283 Murray Street will allow viewers to bodily move through and engage with the work, and also enjoy a free cup of tea or soup. Viewing corridor after hours is possible through the security grille.

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