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Indepth Arts News:

"TAKEOVER - Who's Doing the Art of Tomorrow"
2001-09-01 until 2001-09-06
Ars Electronica 2001
Linz, , AT Austria

Which constellations, what factors are determining the art of tomorrow, where it will happen, who will be doing it and with whom? These questions are at the focal point of Ars Electronica 2001: Lets take a look at the thing formerly known as art!

The theoretical encounter with the Festival theme will be presented in a new format this year: A symposium, conferences, panels on virtual reality and the Prix Ars Electronica Forum make up a full calendar of events, an overarching theory-network spanning the entire festival week.

1.1. TAKEOVER Symposium

The aim of the theoretical reflections undertaken in conjunction with TAKEOVER is to sound the depths of the constellations and framework conditions of the art of tomorrow and to initiate and further an open discourse.

TAKEOVER Symposium part I
September 2, 10.30-13.30, Brucknerhaus
About the paradigm shift, new role definitions, working models and the creativity burst.
Jon Ippolito/USA, Dietmar Bruckmayr/A, Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq/MAL, Wolfgang Maass/A, Tobias O. Meissner/D, Gerfried Stocker/A

TAKEOVER Symposium part II
September 2, 15.00-17.30, Brucknerhaus
Digital culture & lifestyle in action
Feat: Kerb, Moccu, Sulake Labs, Team cHmAn, Everything, and all the other electrolobby residents
Moderation: TNC Networks Sabine Wahrmann/D,
Sound: DJ Swo
Concept/Line-up: Tina Cassani, Bruno Beusch/F (TNC Network)

TAKEOVER Symposium part III
September 3, 10.30-13.30, Brucknerhaus
Content development and skin design for the broadband future. New technologies, new tools, new concepts.
Ruedi Bauer/F/CH, Tanja Diezmann/D, Tatsuya Matsui/J, Ole Litjens, Nico Palermo/D/USA, Nora Barry/USA, Jerume Rota/F/USA, Stuart Maschwitz/USA

TAKEOVER Symposium part IV
September 3, 15.00-18.00, Brucknerhaus
Creators of Life: The methods and processes of biotechnology and bio-informatics as artistic tools.
Eduardo Kac/USA, SymbioticA Research Group/AUS, Stuart Bunt/AUS, Natalie Jeremijenko/USA, Hiroaki Kitano/J, Joe Davies/USA

1.2. Creativity versus Marketing: Oliviero Toscani

TAKEOVER Symposium Lecture
September 4, 18.30 - 20.00, Kunstuniversitaet Linz
Oliviero Toscani
Creativity versus Marketing

Oliviero Toscani photographer, artist, studied photography at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zurich. Since his collaboration with Benetton in 1982, a series of path-breaking public awareness ads won him several prestigious accolades, including the Grand Prix dAffichage, the Unesco Grand Prix and Art Directors Club of New Yorks Award for Excellence; Currently art director for the US based magazine talk.

1.3. Conference - Engineers of Experience

September 4, 10.30-14.00, Brucknerhaus
The discussion will focus on new strategies to integrate interactive media into exhibitions and museums, as well as new concepts for their design, staging and architecture in light of the ongoing boom in edutainment and infotainment.
Michael Shamiyeh/A, Peter Higgins/UK, Hiroshi Ishii/USA, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer/MEX/CDN, Gustav Pomberger/A, Horst Hˆrtner/A, Joachim Sauter/D, Joe Paradiso/USA

1.4. Conference - From Document to Event

September 5, 10.30-12.30, Brucknerhaus
Whether-and how-digital art can be preserved for the future is not only a question of the technical competence of museums and archives, but is also inherent in a fundamentally new conception of self emerging among artists.
Benjamin Weil/USA, Masaki Fujihata/J, Johannes Deutsch/A, Elmar Schmidinger/A, Alain DÈpocas/CDN

1.5. Conference - The Undertakings of Art

September 6, 10.30-12.30, Brucknerhaus
Representatives of a variety of institutions confront the question of how they have prepared for the future, for the globalization of the art market, for the new digital forms of distribution, and, above all, for the demands of artists.
Andreas Hirsch/A, Birgit Richard/D, Peter Noever/A, Rždiger Wischenbart/A, Karel Dudesek/A

1.6. Pixel Spaces

Is a takeover underway in the virtual reality scene tooNULL Pixelspaces discusses and presents new ideas and potential application to save conventional VR systems from the fate of the dinosaurs. How does the future of VR look as far as its use in exhibitions and museums is concernedNULL How and in what form are the game industrys VR systems becoming available for application development?

Science from the Garage
September 2, 18.00-20.30, Ars Electronica Center
With: David Nahon/F, Paul Rajlich/USA, Dietmar Offenhuber/A, Dan Sandin/USA

Behind the Scenes
September 3, 18.00-20.30, Ars Electronica Center
With: Dan Sandin/USA, Maurice Benayoun/F, Michyael Shamiyeh/A

Open Lab - FutureLab Production Space
September 5, 18.00-20.30, Ars Electronica FutureLab
Ars Electronica FutureLab showcases recent years works using a PC-based CAVE variant.

1.7. Prix Ars Electronica Forum

Speeches, presentations, and discussions by and with Prix Ars Electronica 2001 prize winners and jurors. Highly concentrated information and direct access to the projects and the artists, to the ideas of this years Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners and the ways in which they go about their work. A unique chance to get a glimpse behind the scenes of digital art today.

Running Pixels and Computer Animation/Visual Effects 2001
September 4, 14.30 - 18.15
ORF Landesstudio OberOesterreich

Digital Musics, Interactive Art 2001
September 5, 14.30 - 18.30
ORF Landesstudio OberOesterreich

Net Vision/Net Excellence 2001 & electrolobby Wrap-up
September 6, 14.30 - 18.30
ORF Landesstudio OberOesterreich

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