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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: Residence 2002"
2002-03-25 until 2002-04-15
Unidee - University of Ideas
Biella, , IT Italy

Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto has published the official announcement for University of Ideas - UNIDEE in Residence 2002. Deadline for submission: 15 April 2002. The Università delle Idee is a research centre where creative ideas come to life and are promoted. It aims at achieving an interaction between artistic, scientific and social disciplines. UNIDEE Università delle Idee is founded on a statement that was made by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto: Art is the most sensitive and comprehensive expression of human thought. The time has come for the artist to take the responsibility of connecting every other human activity. From economy to politics, from science to religion, from education to behaviour. In brief, all the components of our social structure. (manifesto, Progetto Arte 1994)

The spirit of UNIDEE has its basis in this premise. A vast container of human thoughts, a laboratory which places the concept of creativity at the centre of a pursuit that wishes to include the various humanities, scientific and social sectors. Its aim is to lead to a responsible transformation of society.

Our main intent is to respond to the deep-rooted contradictions caused by the opposition between the exponential growth of technological and economic-financial systems – what we call progress – and the regression induced by the tragic degradation of our planet to which we must add the inhuman physical and moral poverty that envelops most of the world population. Oddly enough, this occurs at a time when we should, on the other hand, have reached a mature responsibility throughout the planet.

UNIDEE tries to respond to the needs that are emerging on all the levels of the social structure and commits itself to a project that can produce important steps towards a responsible social transformation.

UNIDEE's purpose is to gather all the possible creative forces and concentrate them on a central theme: a new concept of global civil society.

UNIDEE is dedicated in particular to propositive minds, capable of conceiving projects and suggesting innovative solutions in all branches of collective fabric. This concerns all the aspects of our everyday life: from the practical objects of common use to the complex components of our physical habitat and mental habitus.

UNIDEE is a laboratory where different artistic forms like music, visual art, theatre, literature, dance, photography, design and fashion integrate with humanities, scientific and social disciplines like sociology, economics, philosophy and politics.

UNIDEE conducts a personal research and an internal production, but also as an international mediator collecting projects that could constitute new formative models for the different branches of the social structure.

To reach this aim UNIDEE is open to utopian projects, and offers to propose them to those who are willing to perceive them and possibly actualise them.

Università delle Idee is composed of three main lines of study:


Concerning all the aspects of human thought. Its different expressions and the disciplines used to express itself: spirituality, philosophy as well as science, anthropology, economy, politics, communication, literature, music and visual art.


All the aspects related to the body. Its relationship with the world that surrounds it and the way it expresses itself: theatre, dance, performance, fashion but also nourishment and behaviour.


All the aspects of architecture: from the creation of design objects to city planning and world habitat.

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