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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: A Global Arts and Film Project"
2002-06-24 until 2002-09-11
One World One Minute
Paisley, Scotland, , UK United Kingdom

The concept of the project is a simple one, but offers huge scope for all concerned. We aim to have participants in EVERY country around the globe record, simultaneously,  ONE MINUTE of their lives, one minute of our world. The minute can be recorded in a wide range of forms, and on any medium you choose, from stills photography to video, sound cassettes, written word or even drawings, any form at all. The project coordinators then aim to compile this material into a feature length film which shall seek to capture that one minute of our existence.

The finished piece shall explore the rich diversity that is both humanity and our world, whilst allowing a voice to all people regardless of nationality, religion, race, political viewpoint, gender or age. The rich diversity that is Humanity shall be there for all to see and perhaps too, through all our differences, we shall also see that which is inherently human, that which is common to us all.

As for the timing of this event, at 12:48 GMT, September 11th 2001 a plane struck the World Trade Centre. This was the first of four such attacks over the next 92 minutes and led to the deaths of more than 2000 people from over 60 different countries.

That first attack, and those that followed, as well as the repercussions, have led to immeasurable suffering throughout the world.

It is with this in mind that we have chosen 12:48 GMT September 11th 2002, exactly one year after that first attack, as the one minute to record. For many this will be a time of remembrance and reflection and surely there can be no more appropriate time for an international collaboration that is about communication, co-operation and sharing.

The coordinators of this project hope that you will agree that this is an appropriate moment to preserve a snapshot of the world, to reflect on where we are and where we are going and to offer others an insight into your world and your life.

The organizers of this monumental project hope that you will see both the potential and the worth in this project and choose to participate. This is your opportunity to share a moment of your life, your world, with others, an opportunity to both talk to and listen to the world, to join with others around the globe and create a truly unique record and experience.

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