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"Call for Artists: Brave Destiny"
2002-08-05 until 0000-00-00
Williamsburg Art and Historical Center
Brooklyn, NY, USA United States of America

Join the Brave Destiny of the imaginative spirit in surreal, surreal/conceptual, visionary, fantastic and sybolic art! Artists are invitied to be part of "BRAVE DESTINY," in September/October 2003. There are $5,000 in cash prizes for art guaranteed, plus thousands of dollars in purchase awards and many other prizes!! Deadline June 2003, but the sooner you enter, the sooner you can have work on the web-site for the show. The organizers will be adding art and sponsors weekly to their web-site!

"Reason, honor and the limitless bounds of our own imaginations compels us now to do what others can only admire! Unhindered by the mortal flesh, the mind can visit realms which the body cannot. In that we are like Gods. That is our own 'brave destiny', the destiny of art of the imagination! Let us then create a show of this art, the like of which has never been seen before!" Terrance Lindall on behalf of the Society for Art of the Imagination, London, June 2002

This will be the largest show of living surrealists, fanastic and visionary artists in the world including Professor Ernst Fuchs, Founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism in the 1940's, H.R. Giger winner of the Academy award for his stage set in the movie ALIEN, and many other world famous artists! We welcome you to this incredible opportunity to exhibit with them! We represent the "brave destiny" of the imaginative spirit, ever seeking new horizons with a certainty of our abilities to achieve in art what we envision.

Yes, the most comprehensive show to date from the Society for Art of the Imagination in London, England (www.artofimagination.org), is to be held at the WAH Center opening with a Grand Surrealist Ball in its magnificent French Second Empire building in the heart of the "Emerging Art Capital of the World," Williamsburg Brooklyn. At the Grand Surrealist Ball opening night, there will be astounding happenings, possible even an alien invasion, plus a grand prize for best costume! Throughout the show there will be fantastic performances of music, dance and other wonders as we did for APOCALYPSE 1999, the most lavish art production out of Williamsburg to date. During APOCALYPSE. we had Ethan Pettit sing the Millennial Oratorio, the entire Western Lyric tradition in "minutes flat," with an unusual twist at the end. Keiji Haino flew in out of Japan in his black cape and with his entourage of camp followers. Keiji performed his totally unique sound and dance drama, drawing sound out of the air with his hands alone. The mad, mad surrealist musical dramatist Peter Dizozza produced a revival of his musical masterpiece PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER, a mad super-sexed romp from here to eternity and back again. He has promised to bring it back to BRAVE DESTINY!! With stage smoke pouring out of the basement grate of our old castle during the opening reception for APOCALYPSE, we even had the fire department arrive in full regalia and battle axes to see what Disney Nasa Borg was doing in our basement with his weird, pulsing multicolored "pollution bubbles." We even had a morgue van parked out front with lights flashing...just in case! There is no experience like one of the major art productions at the WAH Center!

Recent years have shown that there is a renewed interest in the Surrealists, as indicated by comprehensive shows of early Surrealists at the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, The Pompidou Center and many smaller museums in many different countries around the world. Part of the WAH Center's mission is to show what has been missing in other overviews of great art legacies. What has been missing is a look at the living artists of this genre. It seems appropriate, therefore, that New York’s newest Museum in the making, the WAH Center show the living and thriving surreal, visionary, fantastic artists at this time in its show BRAVE DESTINY.

The opening weekend for the 2003 show will also feature hundreds of open artists studios all around Williamsburg. The WAH Center will also host it's annual WILLIAMSBURG ARTS AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL with free shuttle buses which will bring thousands of tourists to Williamsburg to see the show BRAVE DESTINY. Many musical events, fashion shows and party's will transpire to enthrall the visitors to our fair new art community on the opening day of BRAVE DESTINY.

Brigid Marlin, a renowned practitioner of the Misch Technique, will demonstrate its use during the BRAVE DESTINY exhibit. The Mische Technique is a 16th century master's methodology which was lost for centuries and rediscovered by Ernst Fuchs. This method is not taught in American art schools and this is a unique opportunity for professionals at any level to add to their arsenal of methods.

To be part of this fabulous show in September 2003:

1) Art in all media acceptable! Paintings, sculpture, drawings, installations, video, film, animation, computer software, musical compositions, short stories, plays, poetry, cartoons! If we left anything out, contact us!

2) Art can be Surreal, Surreal/conceptual, Visionary, Fantastic and Symbolic Art.

3) If art, send slides, photos or color Xeroxes of your work with your resume plus an entry fee of $30 for three works. If poetry stories, plays, video, film, computer software, animations, send $10 for each submission. List the works with title, size, media, or other appropriate description. Additional work may be submitted for $5 per work. DO NOT SUBMIT ART WITHOUT THE FEE, WE WILL NOT LOOK AT IT.

4) If you are currently a member in good standing of the Society for Art of the Imagination or a member of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (see "Basic Memberships" below), or a subscriber to Artvisionary Magazine, there are no additional fees for accepted work. However, for those artists who are not members or subscribers, if your work is accepted, an additional fee of $20 will be requested to defray costs of printing poster, invitations and hanging.

5) If you wish your material to be returned, send a self stamped, addressed return envelop.

6) DEADLINE JUNE 30, 2003

To become members of the following, visit the web sites or write:

PO Box 240
GB Berkhamsted HP4 1HE
United Kingdom

To subscribe to Artvisionary magazine:

To enter work:
New International Surrealists
c/o Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11211
e-mail: wahcenter@earthlink.net

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