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"2 N Y: Barcelona Pays Tribute to the City, the Victims, the People from all Over the World"
2002-09-11 until 2002-10-30
Galería Trama de Barcelona
08002-Barcelona, , ES Spain

SANDRA BERMUDEZ (1968), a New York photographer of Colombian origin. Bermudez graduated from the Instituto Artistico dell'abbigliamento Marangoni in Milán(1994) and then received her masters degree in Art Education from Columbia University, New York (1996)and a masters degree in "Studio Art" from New York University (1999). She has had numerous solo shows in Colombia and the US, and her work has been selected for exhibits in various museums and public spaces in the US, Scotland, England, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Bermudez's work has centered on different societies' (especially those of Latin American origin) perception and representation of the female body. In several of her photographic projects, Bermudez uses her own body to question the popular iconographic use of women as sexual, erotic, pornographic, and other objects. 

In 2NY, Bermudez presents, among others, works from the Pillow series (2001), I want you/I love you/I need you (2001), and Gift wrap (2002). In the Pillow series, Bermudez focuses on the characteristics of the human skin- the flexibility, malleability, sensuality, and warmth that allow it to be a comfortable and welcoming sort of fabric. On the other hand, the I want/I love you/I need you trio is based on enlarged images of lips, teeth, tongue. The lips presented in a perfectly round mounting are similar to flowers or female genitalia. The images are seductive and provocative, and their titles speak of the phrases commonly used in intimate and pleasurable situations.

In each Gift wrap, Bermudez presents a self-portrait as if it were a design for gift wrap. She manipulates each full-body photograph according to the "norms" presented in contemporary advertising and pornography from the early 19th century. Bermudez found similarities in these two representations of the naked female body: images are shown in classic positions, without nipples or pubic hair. "When I saw these similarities, I chose the same poses, but without the accessories or clothes that try to refine or justify the nudity. As such, the re-presentation of these popular images shows how women can be alienated from their own bodies. We see a one-dimensional female body which has been 'sanitized', trivialized, and denied of its power to reproduce and receive pleasure.

ALEX DE FLUVIÀ (Barcelona, 1965) studied photography at the New York School of Visual Arts, and has shown his work at several of the city's galleries, including the Woodward Gallery, Pierogi 2000 Gallery, Golding Gallery, Gallery M, Ridge Street Gallery, And Jan Abrams Fine Arts. Fluvia was not in New York on the day of the terrorist attacks; he was in El Cairo arranging his temporary residence. He did, however, return to New York in October. As such, he felt the impact of the 9/11 attacks at a distance, in disbelief and feeling deeply troubled by the event. This harsh initial reaction was exacerbated by his concern for friends and the places he frequented as a resident of the city. Fluvio's geographic and cultural proximity to the Islamic world further influenced his view of the 9/11 events. He had to endure the West's ignorance of Islamic culture, which was rapidly turning all muslims into accomplices of an act that they also deplored.

In recent years, Alex de Fluvia's paintings have centered on select themes: multi-culturalism, parallel cultures (of societies not always in contact), the interactivity of different cultures (or lack thereof), etc. Fluvia's Mediterranean background and his New York experience feed his interest in societal distinctions, and form the basis of the pictoral and photographic work presented in this exhibit. 

Fluvia's personal links to diverse cultures create a common thread in his paintings that can be seen in his most recent work. Interestingly, he combines urban landscape elements, such as cement, with the Arab-like script and gold-enlaced details that are often associated with Islamic cultures. On the other hand, when Fluvia returned to New York shortly after the 9/11 attacks, he became fascinated by the written postings he found on the streets. This informal mode of communication, which Fluvia had photographed in previous years, underwent profound change as a result of the terrorist attacks. The new messages now contained in these signs- solidarity, courage, and forebearance- further inspired Fluvia's respect for cultural diversity.

Tribute to New York City "I Love NY" sponsored by Associació Art Barcelona, the association of galleries in Barcelona, September-October 2002

One year after the 9/11 attacks in New York, a group of galleries in Barcelona pays tribute to the city, its victims, and, above all, the people from all over the world who have worked to bring the city back to normal.

The galleries participating in this exhibit are part of the Barcelona Art Association (BAA). Here, participating galleries present the work of artists related to New York. Each gallery has independently chosen the work being exhibited. As such, the BAA galleries will act as a platform for current NY art. The Municipality of Barcelona and the US consulate in Barcelona are supporters of this project.

Galería Berini: Helle Jetzig
Espai S 292: Nicky S. Lee
Galería Eude: Amparo Sar
Galeria dels Àngels: Peter Halley
Galería Llucià Homs: Philip Collins
Kowasa Gallery: Coplans
Galería Metropolitana: Juan Perdigo
Galería Senda: Peter Halley
Galería Carles Taché: Chema Alvargonzález
Galería Trama: Sandra Bermúdez & Àlex de Fluvià

Press: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona:
September 17, 1pm at Palau de la Virreina (Rambla 99, Barcelona).
Galeria Trama Opening September 12.
Reception at the American Consulate of Barcelona September 17.
Official Opening Association of Galleries in Barcelona,September 18.

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