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Indepth Arts News:

"Blindspot - Infringe the Obvious: 3rd Anniversary Exhibition"
2002-10-09 until 2002-12-01
Sculpture Square Limited
Singapore, , SG Singapore

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Sculpture Square presents Blindspot - a showcase of Singapore's young artistic talent. Four emerging local artists - Jeremy Hiah, Claire Lim, Benjamin Puah and Tan Wee Lit – will appraise Sculpture Square as a site, and in so doing, challenge our perception of time and space through site-specific installation art. Playing with the concept of the "blind spot", they grapple with issues as diverse as space, judgement, violence, globalisation, and man and his environment.

Why Blind Spot?

The eye's retina receives and reacts to incoming light and sends signals to the brain, allowing you to see. There is, however, a part of the retina that does not provide visual information – the blind spot.

Is there a blind spot in our vision? Do we even notice it? In many ways, the brain adds significantly to the visual report it gets from the eyes, influencing what we see. As our perception of space and time is relative, what we see – or what we think we see - may not necessarily be what it is in reality.

With this phenomenon emerged the curatorial focus of this exhibition – a questioning and challenging of our visual perception in accessing our world.

Art Works

Jeremy Hiah

A video installation based on a virus morphing into an insect into an animal and back into an insect and virus. This work explores our metaphoric states of being that exist in the "mind’s eye".

Claire Lim
Hidden Ghost

Heads of soft toys hang from the wall with outstretched arms, representing the ghost of items, people or relationships which we have abandoned, destroyed and murdered. This beautiful installation explores the violence that has been packaged into our daily lives – a haunting reminder of the cruelty that happens everyday, even if we choose not to see it.

Benjamin Puah
"Nothing to see," said Ben.

A dark room containing items and experiences that are not viewed but explored with the other senses and reconstructed in the mind's eye. To the artist, the onslaught of visual experiences in today’s shrinking world possibly spells the end of cultural diversity. By blindfolding audiences, he invites them to slow down, experience and perceive the moment – and reflect on the consequences of each step they take.

Tan Wee Lit
Ignorance is Bliss

Quirky humour and cynical sarcasm in this mixed-media work involving optical illusions will provoke the viewer to take a step back and laugh at himself.

Sculpture Square's 3rd Anniversary Exhibition

Blindspot marks Sculpture Square’s 3rd anniversary as Singapore’s first and only art space dedicated to the promotion, development and regional exchange of contemporary 3-dimensional art. With Blindspot, Sculpture Square takes a leap from previous anniversary exhibitions – by showcasing young artistic talent from Singapore.

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