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Indepth Arts News:

"Guardian Series: Susan Drozda"
2002-10-14 until 2002-12-31
ABoriginArt Galleries
Toronto, ON, CA Canada

ABoriginArt Galleries [www.nativeartstore.com] launches an exclusive exhibit of stunning paintings and other creations by Shoshoni native artist Susan Drozda. Drozda has been painting and creating for over 25 years. Born in 1942, Susan now lives in St. Louis Missouri with her husband. Susan's Guardian series began 25 years ago. They emerged through her paintings, sculptures and drawings, offering messages for each piece. Susan stands back, "gets out of her own way", and just lets it happen.

She grinds her own pigments from ochre found along the creek beds, combines these powders with tree resins and glues. There are no pre-conceptions when she begins to create. Susan surrounds herself with stone, bones, wood, shells, artifacts, bear and buffalo hair... just about anything the lends itself to the finished artwork.

"Within very different cultures the same images keep appearing. Certain powers of the psyche are common to all mankind. This calls upon a power within each of us. Joseph Campbell calls this 'seeing through fragments of time to the full power of the original being'. The function of art. The rapture of being alive.

"Clues of why we are here, compelled to describe it through our human journey. How could there be a mortal if there weren't an immortal?. This gives meaning to our mystery through forms of imagery. It gives us participation of our own transcendence by identifying with the spiritual powers that operate our lives. Through images one can sense a fulfillment of life, not supernaturally draped over it, but a peace that comes from belonging to each other.

"Through images you can be responsible for your own inward life and beliefs regarding spiritual information about yourself. Why do we strain to see light in the darkness, or pick up stones with holes in them? Why do people with more age to them hark back to childhood? Is it because they stood in awe and bliss? Was it the stories they told themselves they believed to be true? Perhaps coming from all that had come before them? Have the images seen by a child already been present in some others thought? My parents used to ask me; where do you go all the time? I had my places, my sanctuaries, my thickets. Holes in the ground covered with twigs. It was there that I believed the wisdom of life lay in wait for questions.

"Images are clues to our spiritual potentials. They reunite you to yourself through others myths. Before this happens we are quite not awake.

"When I feel life beginning to stir and churn it is trying to tell me to listen. My eyes will see color intensely and sounds will be heard.from far off. I feel the strength and pulse of curiosity and I become silent. I want to pick something up, taste it, arrange it, change it's color, talk to it, throw it, roll it, but I back off from it and stare at it. Now... here's the catch... The main thing is for me to do nothing! I feel it is not up to me but whatever comes through me. This is the freedom. I want to see what is about to be. To this day I cannot tell you exactly how this works but I do know that if I 'try' to create it is fruitless. Some things work 'without' and some work 'within'. Mythology to me is that fine silver thread that joins all together. All peoples, all pure belief. Not doctrines or religions but mans innate sense of bliss.

"Where is that place that all people try to find? That place with no walls. That creative center which spills out images. That place where your highest interest is that of immortal thoughts. Where the images that are produced come from us and all others."    

- Susan Drozda

ABoriginArt Galleries is among the largest native art galleries in the world and operates exclusively on line making high quality aboriginal sculpture and paintings available world wide at affordable prices.

The gallery specializes in - Inuit / Eskimo, First Nation (Canadian Indian - Ojibway, Iroquois, Cree, Coast Salish...and more), American Indian (Zuni, Navajo, Shoshoni, etc.)

Please visit the NativeArtStore.com or ABoriginArt Galleries to see this fabulous collection.

Susan Drozda
Hock-o, 1994
Shoshoni, St. Louis, MO.

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