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Indepth Arts News:

"From Cuypers to Dibbets: 100 Years of Art in Limburg"
2002-10-20 until 2003-02-02
Bonnefanten Museum
Maastricht, , NL Netherlands

After three years of preparation, the Bonnefanten Museum is proud to announce the FROM CUYPERS TO DIBBETS, 100 YEARS OF ART IN LIMBURG exhibition and accompanying catalogue. The exhibition is a presentation of the LIMBURG BASIC COLLECTION, a selection of work by 22 artists which presents a varied and refreshing picture of art in Limburg from 1870 to 1970. It will be held from 20 October 2002 up to and including 2 February 2003 in the Bonnefanten Museum and will present an overview of art in Limburg over the past 100 years. This will be the first, but perhaps also the last time that all these works of art will be displayed together.

Made possible by generous financial support from DSM and the transfer of the Limburg Art Foundation collection in 1998, the project is unique in its scope and approach. Three years ago, the Bonnefanten Museum started listing, photographing and describing all the museological and important private collections. Subsequently, some important choices were made, decisions were taken and essential works were purchased in order to fill in the gaps. All this has resulted in a LIMBURG BASIC COLLECTION which includes 22 artists from the 1870 – 1970 period.

Two separate groups can be distinguished. The first group was active in the interwar period, the hey?day of applied art. After World War II, the second group, known as the ‘Amsterdam Limburgers’, came to the fore. In addition, eight exceptionally gifted individual artists left their distinctive mark both nationally and internationally.

The FROM CUYPERS TO DIBBETS exhibition displays the esprit, talent and craftsmanship of the artists in the Limburg Basic Collection. In addition to paintings, sculptures and drawings, the exhibition will include furniture, photographs, architectural designs and ceramic objects by:

Edmond Bellefroid (1893 - Maastricht - 1971)
Pierre Cuypers (1827 - Roermond - 1921)
Pieter Defesche (1921 Maastricht - Ulestraten 1998)
Jan Dibbets (1941 Weert - Amsterdam)
Jef Diederen (1920 Heerlen - Amsterdam)
Charles Eyck (1897 - Meerssen - 1983)
Robert Graafland (1875 - Maastricht - 1940)
Gijs Gijsbers (1935 Eibergen - Luik 1975)
Aad de Haas (1920 Rotterdam - Schaesberg 1972)
Henri Jonas (1878 - Maastricht - 1944)
Pierre Kemp (1886 - Maastricht - 1967)
Piet Killaars (1922 Tegelen - Maastricht)
Dom Hans van der Laan (1904 Leiden - Vaals 1991)
Ger Lataster (1920 Schaesberg - Amsterdam)
Hub. Levigne (1905 Meerssen - Bunde 1989)
Werner Mantz (1901 Keulen - Eijsden 1983)
Lei Molin (1927 Berg en Terblijt - Eindhoven 1990)
Joep Nicolas (1897 Roermond - Tegelen 1972)
Charles Nypels (1895 Maastricht - Groesbeek 1952)
Ferdi Tajiri (1927 Arnhem - Baarlo 1969)
Shinkichi Tajiri (1923 Los Angeles - Baarlo)
Charles Vos (1888 - Maastricht - 1954)

The various art collections in Limburg have become more mobile as a result of intensified collaboration between local museums. This means that the Municipal Museum in Roermond houses work by architect Pierre Cuypers and that the paintings of Aad de Haas are on show at the Stadsgalerij in Heerlen. The Spaans Gouvernement Museum in Maastricht houses work by artists belonging to the ‘Maastricht School’, whereas the Van Bommel - Van Dam Museum in Venlo houses work by the ‘Amsterdam Limburgers’. The Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht manages the remainder of the basic collection, including work by Werner Mantz, Dom Hans van der Laan, Pierre Kemp, Ferdi and Shinkichi Tajiri, and displays these works in varying set-ups.

The results of this project have also been laid down in a splendid, richly illustrated catalogue, introduced by a stimulating essay by Alexander van Grevenstein, in which he places the works of art from Limburg in a national perspective. The catalogue can be purchased for EUR 29.50 for as long as the exhibition continues and EUR 39.50 afterwards (ISBN no. 90-72251-32-6). During the exhibition, there are special presentations of recent work by Ger Lataster and early work by Shinkichi Tajiri in the cupola. The Friends of the Bonnefanten Museum will organise guided tours and lectures during the exhibition. Please visit www.bonnefanten.nl for up-to-date information.

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