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Indepth Arts News:

"Earth Art Revisted: New Media Artists from Mexico"
2002-11-20 until 2002-12-20
Deluxe-Arts Gallery and Creative Space
London, , UK United Kingdom

Mexican art conglomerate SIGNA deliver a 21st Century approach to an age old tradition mixing art with nature and spirituality....and now digital technology. As part of the Mexican Cultural Festival, new media artist SIGNA will be arriving to Hoxton Square's Deluxe Gallery. A show marked by many facets of visual art's new medias, it is composed of stunning, large format, dramatic photography while boasting unusual sculpture, video, music, and CD Rom.

The project itself is concerned with "lines of energy" and "centres of spiritual power" often based on the pre-colombian ideals which hold fast in Mexico's parted past. Invariably, the places hold an aesthetic beauty, but perhaps more importantly they hold a presence to a historical core which the project wishes to expose through the use of new technologies. Once a "Centre" has been found, the artists construct sculptures within the found parameters and then document the creation through photography and video.

The exhibition is involved with the observation of our social, cultural, geographic, planetary, and even cosmic environment and the construction of a symbolic network relating us within this realm. The project intends to understand through a natural history the truth about our "reality" and it's working.

A sign is a concentrated character that contains and expresses attributes, which in itself, represents the codification of a fragment of reality, Signa is the action of recognizing, creating and recreating signs in a contemporary visual art language. This site-specific work is a process of self-enlightenment, reflection, and a meditation of the relationship between Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe

This is a project combining Land Art and Process Art, where artistic processes result in the reaction of outdoor pieces made from materials and experiences that have a direct relation to the environment. Sites are chosen that contain a high significative voltage insofar as it's characteristics and qualities, especially electromagnetic ones. These being geographical, aesthetic, symbolic, historical, volcanic, social, ecological, cultural, ceremonial, energetic, archeological, and especially, visual. The work process in the creation of these pieces begins with the actions of searching for, and the observation of, places or sensitive points. Then, interconnecting these points to form lines and these lines to form networks, thus creating a weave or web. These pieces are created with the elements at each site, the actual site serves as the inspiration for their designs, dimensions and solutions of the pieces. The development and results of each piece are photographed and videotaped, as well as it's exact position recorded with a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). Using a GPS, images and the precise co-ordinates of each site are obtained, thus converting it's location into an action on the graph of time and space, where each action becomes a point. In this way with each point established on this global map, the skeleton of the piece is built. The finished pieces remain completely integrated into the landscape and left exposed to the changes wrought by climate and environment.

The starting point of the concept of Geopuncture, is that the whole planet Earth is one big living organism in which all parts are interconnected to function as a whole. The same as with our own bodies, the terrestrial body functions with, among other things, electromagnetic energy, whose presence is perceivable in the magnetosphere, in the gravitational pull, in the magnetic poles, in the electromagnetic energy flows along meridian. The channels need to be running well for the organism to function properly. The science of acupuncture acts precisely on points or nerve centres located along these channels of electromagnetic energy. In Geopuncture, these natural energy centres are located precisely and are activated by the physical relationship formed and through the pieces created, ourselves being the acupuncture needles and the receiving body; the Earth. Connecting these points opens up electromagnetic channels in the Earth.

Through this project we prove our conviction that the Earth is a living organism and therefore to enjoy good health it needs to be energetically balanced.

The observation of our social, cultural, geographic, planetary, and even cosmic environment and the construction of a symbolic network capable of reflecting, expressing, and relating us with the rest and with everything else, is and has been an essential part of a historical intent to understand the truth about reality and it's workings.

This necessity has repeated itself in many different eras and cultures, resulting in diverse interpretations of a vision that encompasses the Earth, the Cosmos, and us. However this immense machinery that is in itself the Universe, and of which we are only a very small part, is a complex auto-sufficient system whose total comprehension will always be beyond our grasp. Nevertheless a partial understanding of nature's manifestations has been the arduous task taken on by all the world's civilisations.

Through the observation of the terrestrial and celestial phenomenons, legacies such as the pyramids and calendars were created, that like others, through their internal structures and external shapes symbolised the entire cosmic organisation. In their times these were beheld as elements manifested by the forces of nature; such as the sun, rain, or the cardinal points. Temples were architectural constructions and observations, fortresses or centres of power, sacred places, or symbolic expressions of the gods, but also were fractured fragments of the cosmos themselves. The modern theory on this is that on any given scale, the understanding of a fraction of something provides sufficient information to understand the whole. It's like imagining a tree, or even the entire forest, starting with only a branch.

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