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Indepth Arts News:

"PASSION 4 ART bis: First Salon for Art Collectors"
2003-03-26 until 2003-03-30
Fast Communications Group
Brussels, , BE Belgium

Vanessa Suchar, is pleased to announce "PASSION 4 ART bis", her first Salon for Art Collectors in Brussels, featuring new works by six talented artists. The show will be held in the amazing premises of Fast Communications Group, a unique indutrialised designed loft. Works by Jean-Paul Albinet, Izumi Chiaraluce, Hervé Saint-Hélier, Georges-Pascal Ricordeau, Jeanne Susplugas, and Emmanuelle Villard will be displayed.

Jean-Paul Albinet, who was part of the group UNTEL in the Seventies, has been working with code bars for years. His work takes into consideration slogans from well-known companies, interpreting signs and language in a very specific ways

Izumi Chiaraluce’s work reflects on identity, including the paradox of identity. Incipio oculis (I.O.) is a work in progress started in 1997, it is a growing number of portraits divided in series or "cycle" each representing twelve different persons. The idea of a cycle of 12 was important to give an idea of time, a hint about continuity and renewal, similarity and diversity; it is a metaphor about all the different faces of the self, (IO).

Hervé Saint-Hélier captures moments in time through haunting photographs from his urban travels. He uses a camera like a brush, which makes the printing magical. A visionary who is putting his talent into photos, Saint Hélier reveals the incredible eye that he is renowned for. His art is featured in many private collections worldwide as his photographs take the viewer on a dream-like journey with powerful images that remain in the psyche over time.

Elizabeth Thomas says about Georges-Pascal Ricordeau, "Although his reputation as an artist was growing, after a series of irreconcilable difficulties, he found himself living in the streets of Paris with nothing to his name. So, in this era of street culture, Ricordeau started to work with what was available in that environment: street materials. He gleaned whatever he could, recuperating things as commonplace and artistically invisible as plastic bags, with supermarket or even luxury labels, and began weaving them into cords. Later, the cord was formed into specific works... the result of this recuperation is inspiringly fresh and even humorous".

Jeanne Susplugas uses the lens of a camera like a magnifying glass. She plays with changes in scale to offer us an aesthetic bedazzlement, showing the seduction of pills and their packaging to lend them new significance in their new context. "Seduction or danger, addiction or necessity, Jeanne Susplugas pays homage to our hypochondriac society. A society whose days are punctuated by medicine, ranging from the simplest dietary supplement to intensive treatments for the century’s various great diseases. A society that would like to have another body, sick, permanently subject to prescriptions, hypochondriac of information and objects, ever more bulimic of elements and evens that are ever more ephemeral. Addicted. A contemporary violence. Modern day drugs, these medicines pattern our daily lives" Jérôme Sans

Emmanuelle Villard prefers to weave the surface of her canvas with ornaments or physical irregularities, questioning the validity of painting today, stimulating feminine evolution in life and artistic creation. No one can escape the seduction in Emmanuelle Villard’s work. Her paintings, flashy and colourful, produce a shop-window effect, like sweetshop or clothes shop windows or stalls at a fair. You want to eat them.

Le Salon for Art Collectors showcases international emerging artists in comfortable and personal settings that help break through many barriers surrounding contemporary art. Le Salon provides a learning environment, while letting art-enthusiasts imagine how a piece of art would look in a private home. Prices are affordable and clearly marked, and the atmosphere is without the pressures of a gallery.

Emmanuelle Villard
mixes media on canvas,
16x20 cm

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