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Indepth Arts News:

"Reconcilable Differences: Curated by Luis Formaiano and Alison A. Raimes"
2003-04-02 until 2003-04-27
Jersey Galleries
Isleworth, , UK United Kingdom

This exhibition is the first for Artlives, which has 42 members from 20 different countries who meet daily in an online arts discussion forum on the Internet. The exhibition will include works by 33 artists from 16 different countries. An opening will be held April 6 where artists from Argentina, Georgia, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, UK, Belgium and Germany will be present.

The history of Modern art has been the narrowing of horizons towards the individual viewpoint. Try to think about a chain of individuals, posting messages, and trying to be understood either by words or by artistic work. This is ARTLIVES... Clara Pechansky, Brazil

Artists include several with Portfolios at absolutearts.com:

Alex Berdysheff, Georgia
Sheng Kai Chou, Taiwan
Elio Copetti, Italy
Luis Formaiano, Argentina
Carlo Geers, Netherlands
Lorena Guzman, Argentina
Peter Heller, USA
Jitteman, Germany
Ng Joon Kiat, Singapore
Lauri Levanto, Finland
Aigars Liepins, Latvia
Gillian McIver, UK
Emilio Merlina (absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio Artist), Italy
Eve S Mosher, USA
Michiel Otten (absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio Artist), Netherlands
Clara Pechansky, Brazil
Alison A Raimes, UK
Cathy Richardson, USA
Stephen Rowley, UK
Claude Smith, USA
William Steinhurst, USA
Bobby Stojanov, Macedonia
Sam Stork, UK
Rudi Studer, Germany
Ann Studer, Germany
Jules A Sykes, UK
Sally Temple, UK
Els van Asten, Netherlands
Kiki van der Heiden, Netherlands
Colleen AF Venable (absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio Artist), USA
Servaas Walravens, Belgium
Clive Watts, Scotland
Thomas Ziorjen, Canada

Show dedicated to Peter Heller (1929 - 2002).

In modern society of today, globalisation seems to be the keyword. On every possible level we are confronted with it. Be it political, economical or social globalisation, the word seems to be omnipresent.

In his inauguration speech as new director of the Tate Modern in London, Vicente Todoli even coins what seems to be some sort of aesthetical globalisation. He observes that internationalism is an important artistic impulse and states that:Globalisation is the essential spirit of art.

Todays extreme focus on the process of globalisation generates the impression that we only need to dispose of the differences that divide us all for the world to be a better and more harmonious place. Uniformity prevents or effaces every possible argument so that peace and understanding can finally prevail!

There is, however, an alternative. Globalisation might settle all differences but it simultaneously radicates everything that constitutes us as human beings. Uniformity opposes a radical contrast to individuality and leaves therefore no room for identity. The alternative is the dialogue. The dialogue depends on differences, it grows and thrives on it.

It is precisely the things that set us apart that constitute the very essence of the dialogue, it is here its strength lies. Artlives is a dialogue, a place where different people from different countries with different backgrounds come with different points of view on different subjects. The only things we have in common are an interest in contemporary art, a willingness to talk and, finally, the ability to listen. This is the alternative, this is the dialogue and this is Artlives.

Carlo Geers, Sweden

Colleen Af Venable
Brilliant Use Of Blue
Mixed Media
28 x 11 inches

Colleen Af Venable is a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com. View her work at absolutearts.com/portfolios/l/leeny.

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