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Indepth Arts News:

"Tracy Tammy Tracy: The Rise and Fall of a Romantic Conception"
2003-04-30 until 2003-05-28
Gallery of Photography
Dublin, , IE Ireland

Have you ever watched television by yourself for an extended period of time and wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed? Can you imagine how isolated and paranoid the television must feel having a fixed rectangular view point of the world as we constantly stare at it and enter screen left or exit screen right?

If the television was conscious and watching, do you think we'd make more effort to relate to or sympathise with its position? You might answer yes, or alternatively view this as ridiculous and anyone who'd do such a thing as a lonesome socially-inhibited person with delusions of being watched.

Tracy Tammy Tracy is such a person although Tracy Tammy Tracy is not a person... well...not a person like you or I. Tracy is as real as the text on this page or any photograph or moving image we see. We know that they exist it's just a question of how actual are they?

With a degree in watching television and romanticising the mundane Tracy Tammy Tracy aims to explore the deceptive ability as well as the possibility of video when it is used as a tool of self-surveillance. The Rise and Fall of a Romantic Conception is a real-yet-fake exploration of one person's identity crisis as filmed through a narcissistic lens.

The Rise and Fall of a Romantic Conception is Tracy Tammy Tracy's first solo exhibition.

Gallery talk: Wednesday 7th May 2003 at 1.15pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Q. So who decided to put an end to the relationship?
A. Oh, it's not over we're just moving on.
Q. So a mutual decision was reached?
A. Let's just say our interests no longer follow the same path but we're still connected.
Q. So you've both changed?
A. Yes. I'd say we've evolved and Tracy even more so.
Q. In what way?
A. Well, by finally accepting authorship of the work we've done.
Q. What do you mean?
A. I mean the work is by Tracy Tammy Tracy.
Q. And it wasn't before?
A. Never. I always had to accept responsibility for it.
Q. So it was your work and now it's not?
A. No. It was our work and now it's Tracy's

(An excerpt from the diary of Tracy Tammy Tracy)

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