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Indepth Arts News:

"Trivial Pursuit: Works by Marie E.v.B. Gibbons and For a Broken Child to Fly: Works by Jimmy D. Sellars"
2003-06-13 until 2003-06-29
Pirate, a Contemporary Art Oasis
Denver, CO, USA United States of America

This month Pirate, a Contemporary Art Oasis presents two exhibitions - Trivial Pursuit, Pursuing the Trivial: sculpture in clay & mixed media by Marie E.v.B. Gibbons and For a Broken Child to Fly: a group of drawings and mixed media sculptural works by Jimmy D. Sellars. Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis was founded in 1980 by several graduates of Metro State University in Denver, Colorado, in order to provide a gallery venue for emerging artists. This artist run co operative gallery adopted a mission that encourages artistic expression and freedom, along with building a supportive community where fellow artists have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills.

Life holds many levelsof importance, acceptance, significance and value. Generally, I tend to find the things that most people overlook as insignificant the things that motivate me the most. Everyday situations in life, the trials and tribulations of being a parent, woman, artist and wife. This interest serves me in several ways: allowing me to process some of these situations, to lessen the stress level involved with a situation by ‘poking fun’ and bringing some humor into it, and yet another is to allow ‘the viewer’ the connection to the art, myself, and their own lives, to give time, value, ‘conversation’ to those situations that most often are just overlooked as trivial.

trivial pursuit . . . pursuing the trivial is an exhibit that deals primarily with objects rather than situations, the trivial, simple things, that are not often given much credence. By choosing to work with these objects, I was able to ‘push’ the typical interpretation into another realm. By doing so, my intention is to elevate the significance of said objects, creating works that attempt to demand more attention than normally deemed to such pieces, as well as allowing narrative elements to create a dialog with the viewer.
- Marie E.v.B. Gibbons

To view additional works by Marie E.v.B. Gibbons visit her website: =72949729>www.mariegibbons.com

Invited to show in the Treasure Chest of Pirate: a contemporary art oasis, Jimmy D. Sellars presents a group of drawings and mixed media sculptural works that speak to the concept of flight.... escape, freedom. Narrating a concept of simplicity and naïvety; as a child might devise when wanting to remove themselves from a situation, it is simply the 'act' of being elswhere that matters, not how logically one would get there.

To view additional works by Jimmy D. Sellars visit his website: =72949729>www.jimmysellars.com

Marie E.v.B. Gibbons
choice, chance and happenstance
detail of installation full piece repeats 9 nests
porcelain eggs, twig nests, wire

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