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Indepth Arts News:

"Carte Blanche for Young Creators"
2003-06-03 until 2003-09-30
Montreal, QE, CA Canada

terminus1525, the open space for emerging creators, announces its Summer activities for Montreal. From June to September, up and coming artists will take the stage by storm, where freedom, social engagement and party will be the key-words. The program consists of: mural paintings from graffiti artists Hest and Turf in the streets and back-alleys of the Plateau, free workshops on the art of graffiti and on the professional development of musicians at the start of their career, the Murmur initiative as well as a multidisciplinary event and concert.

During the entire Summer, Montreal, just like Vancouver, Winnipeg and St. John’s, will witness a flood of young artists of diverse influences (urban culture, new-medias, traditional arts …). Activities will be brought into play by the terminus1525 producers in each of these cities, allowing creators to express their ideas and their talents and to connect with their peers across Canada through the web site www.terminus1525.ca. Montreal producer Lou Piensa, himself a Hiphop artist, wants to give a platform to this new generation of artists, thereby making these forms of expression accessible to others.

It is an opportunity to give creative power back to the artists by offering them this extensive artistic freedom that they can in turn share with others says Lou Piensa. The aim of terminus1525 is to give to the people the desire to excel.

« 8 steps to • »: a gallery of eight mural paintings in the streets and back-lanes of the Plateau (June and July) :

Creation of a work in progress artistic endeavour – 8 mural paintings over a period of 8 weeks in the Plateau neighbourhood by graffiti artists Turf and Hest – renowned in the field of graffiti and illustration both in Paris and Montreal. Other Montreal artists including Sino, Monk-E, Dyske will also be invited to participate in this project. The theme of the project is, to a large extent, focused on the metaphorical concept of alchemy and Man’s capacity to transform negative experiences into positive ones. The theme will be developed through a poem consisting of 8 paragraphs which will serve as the main thread in the conception of the murals. The eighth mural will be an opportunity to reunite all the artists involved in the project, thus making it a collective endeavour. The mural paintings will be exhibited on the web site www.terminus1525.ca.

This activity will also engender the creation of a soundtrack (the poem will be recorded over a musical background). This soundtrack will be heard by the public through walkmans that will be distributed to anyone who wishes to visit the complete gallery at the beginning of August.

workshops on the art of graffiti (June and July)

During the months of June and July, parallel activities will be held in various Youth Centres across Montreal : free three day workshops on the art of graffiti. Turf and Hest will conduct these workshops which will include a group of 5 to 6 youths between the ages of 14 and 18. The latter will have a chance to learn the history of graffiti, receive training on the various techniques of this art and collectively create a mural on the premises of the Centre. This is a positive and tangible way for youths to express their creativity and discover their latent talents, also offering the artists the opportunity to share their experience with the younger generation.

Free workshop « Out of the Basement » for emerging musicians (June 28th at the MAI -Montréal, Arts Interculturels-)

This workshop will allow youths to obtain information and practical leads to help them make their first step towards a professional career. Mediated by Diegal Leger, organiser of the Annual Symposium on Hiphop Culture, the workshop will host panelists, Mr. Donald Robins, promotion and marketing representative for Capitol/Virgin Canada as well as Treize of Montreal Hiphop act Latitude Nord (Universal Records). It will take place at the MAI (3680, Jeanne-Mance street), from noon to 6 pm and will be followed by a performance. This workshop will also be held in the Fall in Ottawa and in Quebec City and is presented in collaboration with the Cultural Human Resource Council (CHRC).

[Murmur] (end of September/beginning of October) :

This project gives to cellular phones the power to convey people’s life-stories. While walking around the back-alleys of the Plateau neighbourhood, the public will encounter telephone numbers on the walls of some buildings. By calling them on their cellular phones, they will be connected to the story of the wall, the apartment, the bloc, the neighbourhood, etc. according to the information collected by a team of researchers during the previous months. [Murmur] will also take place in Toronto this Spring and in Vancouver this Fall.

Closing party (end of September/beginning of October), in collaboration with SAT

The Montreal activities of Terminus1525 will end with a multidisciplinary show in which Hiphop and traditional sounds of the worlds will be fused, also including dance, live painting and visual arts. A closing show not to be missed, in collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology !

terminus1525 would like to thank the SAT as well as its media partners, Ici, Montreal Mirror and Montréal Métropolitain.

terminus1525 : the open space for emerging creators

terminus1525 is a collaborative work space brought to life on the web and on the street, fueled by the ingenuity and imagination of a new wave of young Canadian creators. It is a platform for soon-to-be-discovered creative voices in all forms, from communities across the country.

Five people under the age of 25 have been hired across the country in order to conceive and bring into play the terminus1525 projects : Producers Amil Niazi in Vancouver, Ashok Salwan in Winnipeg, Lou Piensa in Montreal and Montgomery Hall in St-Jhon’s as well as web editor Nathan Madema in Ottawa. Their mandate is to give the young creators from their respedctive regions the opportunity to be seen and heard by offering them tools and a platform (both on the Internet and on the street) to express themselves.

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