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Indepth Arts News:

"Hannah Collins: InnerViews"
2003-09-25 until 2003-10-31
Galerie Sollertis
Toulouse, , FR France

Coinciding with her Printemps de Septembre project, which is also being exhibited in Toulouse through October 16, Hannah Collins mounts a video installation "gitans de La Mina de Barcelone", her hometown. The Galerie Sollertis presents this project in addition to her resent photographic creations, which allows the viewer to witness a complete vision of the works by this English artist.

"This exhibiton will exhibit some of my recent images which are concerned with the temporal nature of our relationship to inner space, both mental and physical and its ability to reflect and question surrounding physical and social structures. All the images merge large scale photographic images with digital processing to create images printed on canvas and refering to the imagery and conventions of painting architecture and film. These images made over the past year were created whilst revisiting remembered film and painted imagery such as 'News from Home' by Chantal Ackerman, Casavettes' Faces and works by painters such as Courbet and Goya.

"I have divided the work into three parts with two images in each. The key image which started this series is an picture I made of my studio under construction. In this image the workings of the space are left open to the viewer, conduits for electricity protrude from the floor, the bare concrete floor has just been poured and still appears wet and liquid. It is my own space of creation in the making. The image has been developed with a sculptural concept of space the windows have somehow become a bright yellow interface with the outside.

"In a second series I have concentrated on my relationship with the surfaces of our contact between exterior and interior in a California supermarket, these places form the glittering and seductive surface of common social space. It is also the space where my private thoughts intersect with my everyday mundane common reality.

"In another series printed in black and white on canvas the street corners are fused with images of the remnants of animal and plant life. They seem to me like the detritus of the shoreline in an urban setting. In the third series the building in my hometown Barcelona, the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe is examined as abstract balance of outside to inside, a place where materials seem to be transported on the surface of life without effort or struggle. In this place the body becomes a shadow and a sense of time seems stopped in an ever present Modernist ideal of the temporal made permanent."

- Hannah Collins, Inner Views, 2003

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