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Indepth Arts News:

"Emilio Mogilner Launches New Art Movement"
2004-04-12 until 2004-12-31
1 Breath Time
Rehovot, , IL Israel

Since Emilio Mogilner, the founder of this art movement, conceived the 1 Breath Time in mid 2002, he has made dozens of 1 Breath Time performances, and held workshops that involved thousands of people. His activities related to 1 Breath Time have been broadcast on several occasions by the major Israeli TV stations, in response to current events in Israel. Every day more artists are joining 1 Breath Time in Israel, and enthusiasm is growing.

From 1999 and until the discovery Emilio made dozens of artistic activities, from direct actions to social-environmental festivals, in order to raise issues of social-environmental problems through Art. In mid 2001 there was an attempt on his life. He was shot at point blank in his studio as retaliation for his environmental activity. He remains paralyzed in his right hand and learned to paint with his left. Nonethe less, his creative activities continued at full speed.

Now all of his activities are 1 Breath Time related, except for a huge 14 meters high, 180 tons sculpture which he will create with a local Bedouin tribe, in June 2004 near one of the most polluted areas in the Middle East, as a protest of the Israeli government's attitude that jeopardizes all Israeli citizens.

Emilio Mogilner believes that 1 Breath Time is the most expressive art that there has ever been - it is the art of survival. When one looks at 1 Breath Time artwork, it is continually changing, as a video in a single frame.

"Humanity's time on earth is coming to an end, what remains is only '1 breath time' to change our fate. An art philosophy that has been written these days demonstrates by creating in a single breath, sometimes until losing consciousness, the survival act of the no time. 1 Breath Time is a new and exciting way in which people now can express themselves and produces the most contemporary artwork. In 1 Breath Time mass painting there is a burst of positive energy, a feeling of liberation. The people that painted in 1 Breath Time were amazed of the artworks they produced.

"In our modern lifestyle we keep saying to each other 'I have no time'. When one paints in 1 Breath Time and connects to the survival momentum, one can absolutely grasp the meaning of NO TIME and associate it to the sense of urgency that we must all share confronting the environmental catastrophe we are bringing on ourselves due to our hectic modern lifestyle in which disposables are the mainstream.

"Compared to the life of the planet, the modern civilization is just a split second, the time of a single, short breath. A person cannot lengthen his last breath, but civilization can prepare and change so that it won't be its last breath.

"1 Breath Time is an alert, which goes hand in hand with the trend of boosting sustainable development while living a simpler life.

"At the dawn of mankind there was almost no information, but there was abundance of time. Now we live with abundance of information but no time" - Emilio Mogilner.

Emilio Mogilner is a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absoltuearts.com and actively uses the absoltuearts.com services to promote his woek and vision. View more of his works at: hwww.absolutearts.com/portfolios/e/emilio/.

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