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Indepth Arts News:

"Dogdugum Yer: Works by Yigit Yazici"
2004-05-07 until 2004-05-23
Zafer Plaza
Bursa, , TR Turkey

Artist designer Yigit Yazici presents works during May at Zafer Plaza in Bursa, Turkey. Yazici's works have been exhibited internationally and are found in collections from Seatle to New York to Istanbul. Educated at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Atelier Özdemir Altan, Yazici has consistantly excuted many commission in Turkey. His works spans the bridge from function art to murals to traditional painting. "I would also like to turn a building into a painting; this could perhaps be a skyscraper. This is an idea that will incorporate the support and involvement of society and will enable them to be a part of it," states Yazici.

My source of energy is sharing the excitement of my works with people.

Why painting?

To express myself, to share my excitement with people, and because painting is the only work that satisfies me.

I have always been interested in observing and exploring my environment. My observations and the desire to express them introduced me to art at an early age.

My first works originated from the desire to conquer the world. Although my knowledge of material and technique was limited, those attempts mean much to me as they kept me going at a time when I was weak and helpless. As I started to mature and come to terms with myself, I saw that I had to understand and define my emotions and the patterns to thought that generated them. I realized that the beauty of visual arts comes not only from a display of colors and light, but also from the expression of a thought or a feeling.

As time went on, I also realized that art searches for the perfection in nature. This realization, in turn, helped me see the significance of what I do, and art became my way of life and thinking, which also was a giant step forwards in my search for myself. I must also add that music and poetry also play important roles in my life as supplements to my work.

Art that is able to reach masses over the barriers of cultural differences and tradition is one of my main ambitions. My desire is to portray the common anxieties, problems, emotions of mankind, simple but important questions that comprise the basis of human life, in spite of religious, ethnic and linguistic differences. I want to reach out to people of different cultures and to make them think through the use of symbols, colors and shapes.

Communication between the artist and the viewer comprises two stages. The first stage is an understanding of the artist's ideas and emotions through his work. (The degree to which the viewer completes this understanding depends both on the achievement of the artist and on a knowledge of his life and personality). The second stage is one of introspection, where the viewer finds something from his/her life within the work of art, thinks and hopefully reaches a higher dimension of awareness.

Yigit Yazici is a Premiere Portfoloio Artist at absolutearts.com. View more of his work at:

Yigit Yazici
Rtu 2003
Painting Acrylic
130 x 130 cm

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