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Indepth Arts News:

"Living Room and The Toilet: Deconstructing Reality by Decontextualizing Daily-lifeSpaces"
2006-06-03 until 2004-07-03
Barcelona, , ES Spain

The "LIVING ROOM and The Toilet" exhibition focuses on several subjects: female sexuality and male seduction strategy as a power game, sins, taboos, male relationships, purity and impurity, self-satisfaction, voyeurism, fetishism, domination, child abuse, drugs, prostitution, racism, violence, anxiety, social conventions, explicit images and erotic manifestations. The show is conceived as an intervention in an artistic space. Both of the gallery’s rooms will host installations with the aim of deconstructing reality by decontextualizing daily-life spaces.

The Living-Room

Jordi Mollá (Bcn) - Chiara Passa (It) - Nelson Henricks (Ca) - Gennaro de Pasquale (Fr) - Jason Schiedel (Ca) - Andrés Senra (Mad) - Mark Oliver (USA) - Dayna Mcleod (UK) - Dirty Princess (Ar/Sp) - Fran García (Mad) - Ariel Lightningchild (Ca)

The Toilet

Jeremy Drummond (Ca) - Lennie Lee (UK) - Laëtitia Bourget (Fr) - David Trullo (Mad)

Happenings - Performance - Live Acts

Lennie Lee (UK) - Dirty Princess (Ar/Sp) - Tzesne (Bilbao) - Lady Tandoori (Cr) - tobias c. van Veen (Ca) - Game’s Addiction (Mad) - LaPetitMort (It) - Io Casino (Bcn)

Curated by DueRo

Living room; noun [C] UK, also sitting room, Australian English also lounge room, the room in a house or apartment that is used for relaxing and entertaining guests, but not usually for eating.

Toilet; noun [C] UK-USA, bathroom a room with a toilet, a bowl-shaped device with a seat that you sit on, or stand near when emptying the body of urine or excrement, or another device used for this purpose.

The living room is the place to watch, adore and confess… a place with enough intimacy to adventure to certain behaviors that social limitations do not allow outdoors… of course, we will never admit in public what we do in our pretty living-rooms… too embarrassed?

The bathroom is our meditation place. It acts as a Dojo (Japanese word for the place where Zen meditation is done) and the toilet is our Zafu (Japanese for the black cotton cushion used in Zen meditation). Here, we wash ourselves, connect with our inner reality, masturbate, think…

Both spaces are related in terms of intimacy and personal isolation. We are so used to them in daily life that we don’t notice their importance anymore, due to mechanical behavior and routine.

The artists selected are diverse in terms of category (outsiders, emerging and established) and background (academic or autodidact). They are multidisciplinary with narrative styles ranging from essay, realism, experimental, minimalism, extreme, performance to documentary. Techniques used extend from old school black & white video to 2D and 3D animation.

All of them are very concerned with human psychology, its distortions and limits. Some of them suffered from repression, violence, drug abuse and racism. They believe that political action through artistic creation is the tool to build a better society, based on peace, respect and integration.

Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it (Bertolt Brecht).

WARNING: Due to the explicit nature of some of the works presented minors will not be admitted.

Ariel Lightningchild
Experimental documentary,
Canada, 2001, 7min, colour

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