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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: The Miltonian Paradise Lost Convention and Juried Competition for Artists, Writers, Composers, Choreographers and Thinkers"
2004-06-14 until 2004-09-01
Williamsburg Art and Historical Center
Brooklyn, NY, USA United States of America

Open call for artists and writers to exhibit, recite, present and meet September 2005. Will include new musical compositions, theatrical productions, a lavish exhibit of original art. The most inspirational work in the English language as seen through the eyes of 21st century artists and writers, composers & philosophers! Terrance Lindall, the Director of this production, produces shows of lavish scope in a French Second Empire building in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NEW YORK CITY, USA, the "emerging art capital of the world." The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center has been called by LET'S GO TRAVEL MAGAZINE the "...epicenter of the Williamsburg artists Mecca!."

In 1997 Lindall produced the "Charles Gatewood Retrospective" which electrified Williamsburg and stopped the trains across the Williamsburg Bridge so gawkers could view the spectacle.

In 1999 he produced "Apocalypse 1999" with its morgue van parked out front "just in case." with the thrilling opening night when the firemen invaded the Center with full regalia to find out what was going on!

In 2003 Lindall produced THE LARGEST SHOW OF LIVING SURREALIST, FANTASTIC AND VISIONARY ARTISTS IN THE WORLD including Professor Ernst Fuchs, Founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism in the 1940’s, H.R. Giger, one of the world’s foremost artists of Fantastic Realism, and the Academy Award winner for the designs of the title character and its otherworldly environment, in the film, “Alien,” and many other world famous artists! The greatest in Surrealism, Surreal/conceptual, Visionary, Fantastic, Symbolism, Magic Realism, the Vienna School, Neuve Invention, Outsider, Naive, the Macabre, Grotesque and Singulier Art. It opened with a spectacular GRAND SURREALIST BALL with people flying in from Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Asia, Zimbabwe and all over the United States for just that evening!

What can we expect from Lindall this time? "Something BIGGER involving scholarship, high art and a homage to the greatest epic poet in the English language! " says Lindall!!!

The PARADISE LOST CONVENTION September 2005 OPENS AGAIN WITH A SPECTACULAR GRAND COSTUME BALL! Fabulous creatures from both heaven & hell will covort in a joyous banqet. You will see incredible living installations, and much, much more (8 P.M.- Midnight).

FINE ART & ILLUSTRATION: Artists: Limited to 200 of the best from around the world! Art can be abstract, conceptual, surreal, visionary, any style as a statement on Milton’s Epic. We will accept paintings, sculpture, installation. We are interested in anything great. Entry Fee; $30 for up to three works, send slides, photos or color Xeroxes.

THEATER: We prefer to see a video or DVD, although we will read a play. We are looking for a production to be performed in our Royal WAH Theater. $30 submission fee. If accepted you will be able; to present your production.

FILM: Sergei Eisenstein attempted an epic film on it. Full productions, Short subjects, documentaries, or cartoons are also welcome! $30 submission fee. If accepted, your film will be shown.

DANCE & CHOREOGRAPHY: Submit a video or DVD please. You may be a single dancer or a company. $30 submission fee, if accepted you will be asked to perform.

MUSICAL COMPOSITION: Classical, Jazz, Rock and Roll, OPERA, ROCK OPERA, Free Form, we are extremely interested in anything you have.

WRITERS AND SCHOLARS: 1) SYMPOSIA: We would like to have several topics of discussion. We will entertain suggestions for topics at this time. We prefer scholars with advanced degrees, but will entertain knowledgeable individuals with firm written word skills. NO SUBMISSION FEE FOR THIS PART OF THE EVENT!

2) PRESENTATION OF INDIVIDUAL PAPERS, ESSAYS, SHORT STORIES: $10 submission fee. If accepted you will be able to present your work during the show.

POETRY: $10 submission fee. If accepted you will be able to present your work during the show.

THE GROUNDS: Epics have been around with us from the beginning of recorded history. They usually involve heroes of prodigious courage and abilities who overcome impossible odds. Sometimes they are tragic characters, as is the case with Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost. Satan's fall springs out of his own love of God and a desire to be loved...the desire of a son to be loved by his father. He was once the foremost of Gods archangels and commanded the legions, until one day God announced that there would be another to take Satan's place as second to God.

Satan, with envy against the Son of God, could not bear through pride that sight and thought himself impaired. Deep malice thence conceiving, he resolved with all hs legions to dislodge the Throne Supreme.

What epics reveal to us are heroic figures who often bear traits which we ourselves possess, sometimes noble, sometimes flawed...in this tragic case, traits of envy or jealousy, overweening pride, ambition, a desire for love, in the case of Satan, not only love from God but from the multitudes of Heaven itself...You might say he wanted to be the ultimate "Rock Star."

How do you see this epic? What fascinates you about Satan, God, Adam & Eve, or any of the many fascinating characters and situations? This is your chance to make a statement which will go down in history, among the best of the best worldwide!


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