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Indepth Arts News:

"The Right to Remain Silent: An Artist’s Citizenship Project - A Collection of Art from Tony Wynn"
2004-07-01 until 2004-07-15
Gallerie Razoo at Las Olas Art Center
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA United States of America

During the first two weeks of July the Gallerie Razoo at Las Olas Art Center presents The Right to Remain Silent: An Artist’s Citizenship Project - A Collection of Art from Tony Wynn. We’re all born with certain God given, uninalienable rights, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as outlined by the Fifth Amendment we also have the right to remain silent, often evoked to avoid self-incrimination and perhaps our own complicity in the damage we do.

“Silent when it comes to injustices, silent to the disparities, silent to the truth that we are created equal,” explains artist Tony Wynn, who will present his own citizenship project, Right to Remain Silent.

Opening in time for the Fourth of July, the Right to Remain Silent series, heavy with patriotic themes Tony created while living in New York, demonstrates the United States flag as a symbol of separation, segregation, separation, and selective patriotism. “Malcolm X as worship Leader... ...Daughter of the Republic...Makes great casket covers all culminated into our most widely held defensive protector mantra - "The Right to Remain Silent," he explained. Tony started the collection in New York in Jan 2001 for an upcoming show that spring in Helsinki, Finland. He had recently moved to New York after owning an art gallery in Galveston, Texas.

And like the age old story of leaving home for greener pastures, he packed up his dog and the Texas boy ventured to the belly of the beast. “I had always believed the myth of immigration to be "the quest for Liberty." I soon came to my own discovery that the real quest was for commerce. And in that quest for commerce I came to the conclusion that New York was simply proof that anything goes,” he explained.

From a 4th floor apartment at 103rd and Broadway, the January before the city was racked with the tragedy of September 11, Wynn was painting themes that materialized into the basis for Americanos, one of six catalogues of his art that include Minority Damage, Believery, Karma Yoga, Caravansari and the Charismatics. “I was enchanted with all of the art and culture the city seemed to exude,” he said. “New York seemed unnecessarily brutal to a Texas boy and his dog. Most of the people I met appeared to have succumbed to this lowest conclusion of the American experience...dog eat dog, do unto others before they do unto you. I began to overanalyze the situation and fell into the artistic depression that forces so many people to leave. During that "depression" these paintings materialized, they were my ‘citizenship project’.”

From that same apartment came www.NYCStreetArtist.com, virtual gallery space that included the work of street artists like Jabolo, showing their art on the streets of Soho. The concept morphed and materialized in Miami’s Design District for Art Basel 2002. Since the Urgency Emerging Emergency at Serious Studios has presented art from more than 80 artists worldwide, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

- Steve Mayo

Tony Wynn
Hostage Two
MIxed Media on Canvas
16 x 20 in.

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