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Indepth Arts News:

"The Wild and The Tame: The Gestation of Mature Love"
2004-10-15 until 2004-11-05
MG Gallery
Chicago, IL, USA United States of America

MG Gallery is pleased to present The Wild and The Tame: The Gestation of Mature Love, a solo exhibition by artist Cheslyn Amato. The Wild and The Tame: The Gestation of Mature Love is an interdisciplinary installation in which visual elements including suspended and draped fabric, labyrinth, flower gardens, light effects, and an array of other visual episodes are employed. These elements are orchestrated to instigate by invitation the descent of “Presence” into our midst while celebrating the marvelous spectacle and delight held within the materials of the everyday.

The viewer and all the attending visual effects participate as witnesses together making the spectacle. All is in a kind of poised waiting, a waiting full of wild desire and at the same time of tame deference.

"I am interested in embodying the magnificence and wonder of this universe – the awe in all its aspects, from exhilarating and uplifting to mysterious and at times haunting to even fierce and fearsome.

"Humanity is arriving at the foot of an immense mountain. There will be a journey up the mountain. At the top of the mountain a new paradigm for human experience awaits us. We are most certainly at The Beginning of the End of the Time of War as A Solution to Human Conflict. It may also be The Beginning of the Time of the End of World Religions as we have known them. And The Gestation Period of Mature Love has begun. It is said that where there is light, there is dark, and vice versa; and the greater the one, the greater the other. Enlightenment and freedom are hounded by confusion and enslavement. But light also travels close to the dark; hope emerges out of nothingness. Desperation, emptiness and the dead are relieved by the awakening of faith, beauty, the spectacle of re-engagement that draws us back.

"I had a dream about a black-walled labyrinth attended to by non-projective g, like flashlights that do not send out a beam. From this place of dark love, I passed into a marvelous garden of black flowers with iridescent centers. Black is not death. Black is the first inkling of mature love. Black as a color is the beginning of revelation, transcendence, and humility.

"On the other side is the florescent hot pink membrane that is both messenger of and midwife to life – the sign, signal, purveyor, catalyst, healer, protector, usher, delegate, great provocateur, the clown, the passion, the wild one that urges us on.

"Thank you for the wild and for the tame both by which we live and die and experience the mystery between."

Cheselyn Amato
A Temple in Honor of Life Lived Everyday - An Unfinished Song of Love
Mixed Media

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