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"Corpo Elettronico video projections, digital stills and live performance by Elastic Group of Artistic Research"
2005-01-31 until 2005-02-20
Nipple Gallery Arte Contemporanea
Bologne, , IT Italy

On January 29th the NIPPLE Gallery of Giovanni Pintori, Piazza Santo Stefano, 13 Bologna, opened the exhibition Corpo Elettronico video projections, digital stills and live performance by Elastic Group of Artistic Research. The NIPPLE Gallery opened its spaces to the public with the exhibition of one of the most interesting and internationally appreciated/known groups of multimedia artistic research.

ELASTIC GROUP is a couple of video artist (Alexandro Ladaga e Silvia Manteiga) who from 1999 focuses his artistic research on the integration of philosophy and new-tech. ELASTIC video installation explore the relation between perception and interpretation. The spectator’s reception of the work of art determines a dialogue in which the spectator often becomes active. The ELASTIC Group video works have been introduced in the major international exposition venues as: La Biennale di Venezia, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, The Museum of New Art, Detroit, The Space Museum, Hong Kong, The Modern Art Museum, Valencia.

They regularly collaborate with the performers Eva Gerd Petersen and Davide Rocchi.

DAVIDE ROCCHI, performer and choreographer, is chosen in 1999 by Carolyn Carlson to become part of the Compagnia de La Biennale di Danza, dances The Wave (1999), Parabola (1999), Light Bringers (2000) e J. Beuys Song (2001) choreographies by Carolyn Carlson.

In 2002 he made his début with the show "A trumpet sounded", in which he is the performer and choreographer, project carried out for "Commissioni di nuova danza per La Biennale di Venezia".

NIPPLE Gallery is delighted to present to the public Video Contact and Amniotic City.

Video Performance by ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research features video performer Eva Gerd Petersen  and  live performer Davide Rocchi

Video Contact is the birth of the video creature. A macro-cephalous performer, a video-chimera that has a monitor in place of the head, performs a solo in the dark interacting with an urban landscape in progress; sounds and images produced by the head-monitor interact with the video images projected generating a dialogue between the performer’s video reality and the spectators reality.


Video installation by ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research features Alexandro Ladaga and Silvia Manteiga.
Roma-New York 2003

Amniotic City is a city in embryo whose image is given by a plurality of fragments in sequence. A meditation over the modern urban condition, the over-crowdedness, the sound pollution and computer science bugs. “Starting from a woman-space clone of L.Da Vinci’s man, the Elastic draw/plan a motherboard space populated by disorientated cockroaches”.

Catalogue in the gallery, texts/articles by Olivia Spatola, Giovanni Pintori, Augusto Pieroni 

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