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Indepth Arts News:

"Cosmic Forces at Play: Mixed media works by Blazin"
2005-02-01 until 2005-02-23
ARTworkSF - Mezzanine Gallery
San Francisco, CA, USA United States of America

The Mezzanine Gallery in San Francisco during February presents Cosmic Forces at Play: Mixed media works by Blazin. "Outside the studio and off the dance floor, daily life finds my feet pretty much on the ground. When painting, however, my spirit takes off. It's out gallivanting through space; soaring among the galaxies. It keeps company with layer upon layer of other life forms - families and communities of cosmic entities going about their missions in syncopated harmony. They skip through sunsets, flirt with constellations, set out on pilgrimages and toe-stomp to celestial melodies, " states the artist.

Blazin continues, "Each image offers a glimpse into an abundantly alive, uncharted universe. It's common for me to combine oils, acrylics, wood, staples, metallic inks, pencils, wire, pastels, and skewers all in one piece. Whether paintings, drawings, collages, or monotypes, the scale ranges from intimate to monumental. My philosophy: Have fun creating and use whatever it takes to make the piece work. With or without feet on the ground, life for me is richly colored, animated and upbeat. It's no surprise the art emerging from my studio wholeheartedly follows suit."


I grew up traveling, living different places, absorbing the cultures of foreign cities and domestic small towns alike. At all times, I was drawing, painting, sewing, and dancing. With college came formal art instruction. I gobbled up everything in sight: painting, drawing, weaving, graphic design, printmaking, ceramics, art history and fashion design. These years were highly exploratory. I experimented with a wide variety of media and styles. Fashion design and ceramics captivated me the most. My heroes were Picasso, Chanel, Bosch, Gaudi, Yves St. Laurent, and Gauguin. When I wasn't making art, I was on the dance floor.

Following graduate school, I spent three years doing almost no art. Mostly, I visited galleries, museums, and discos, especially the two years I lived in Europe and North Africa. I looked at, felt and listened to the art of many lands. Upon returning to America to become a professional artist, I chose clay as my medium. A lifetime of various influences and experiences began melding with my personal artistic expression, producing work with my unique imprint. These influences have been myriad: ancient Arab calligraphy, Utah rock formations, Parisian haute couture, molas, Matisse, California contemporary artists such as Volkous, Thiebaud, Neri, deStaebler . . .

I worked in clay for many years. Then the day arrived when other media beckoned more strongly. Now, for the past two decades, my direction has been primarily two-fold: mixed media abstract works on paper and canvas, plus wooden sculptures.

The paintings, drawings and monoprints are filled with animated lines dancing across abstract fields of lively color. Often the paper or canvas is torn, pleated, woven or skewered. At all times the works reflect energy and motion. Vibrant colors and delicate hues interplay with exuberant free-flowing lines and solid geometric forms. The result: vitality and aliveness that create an upbeat feeling of joyful, cosmic forces at play.

Likewise, my sculptures -whimsical, non-realistic creatures dubbed "The Critters" - are made from scrap lumber and found objects, then painted bright cheerful colors. Each has it own distinct personality, and each emanates a feeling of playfulness, joy and whimsy. They're good-time sculptures, a direct expression of the pleasure I have in creating them.

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