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Indepth Arts News:

"Adriana Montariello: Tango"
2005-03-12 until 2005-03-20
Il Ramo d'Oro
Naples, , IT Italy

For two weeks in March Il Ramo d'Oro exhibits works by Adriana Montariello. "I breath in my breath. Looking at my breath outside myself, in my artworks, I have an awareness of its harmony to lose its memory or of its disharmony to make it again mine transforming it." - Adriana Montariello. This exhibitions features Mantariello's paintings, although she often creates sculptural and graphic works. Adriana Montariello was born in Naples where, after classical studies, she took a degree in Architecture.

In the seventies she became interested in mediate communication working on computers. Her first personal exhibition took place in 1976 at the “L’incontro di Ziccardi” bookshop in Naples. After joining the collective “Nuova Identità” (New Identity), she signed the document “Chi siamo” (who are we?). The collective operated trough the magazine “Politica e mezzogiorno” (Politics and the South) edited by “Nuova Italia Editrice”, and dealt particularly with the problems of whomen within the wider critical area of “South and Alienation”.

In 1980 she met William Reich’s beloved disciple Alexander Lowen, the father of Bioenergetics. This meeting determinated her next ten years of aesthetic research based on the materialization of energy into form. In the eighties she become interested in visual poetry, conveying in it the principles of lowen’s Bioenergetics.In the nineties she founded Bioart, officializing its manifesto in 1993. Bioart is based on the idea that form is the consequence, i.e, the product of an energetic field, because form is regarded as the materialization of the energetic movement-transformation of becoming. The input for the movement-transformation of in the observer breath: The materialization of breath is the visual representation of Life and its Core. Life represents itself as a vital flow through Bioart, and Bioart is essentially based on the energetic-visual-rhytmical nature of art.

In the olistic vision of Bioart, Montariello’s production covers short stories, paintings, sculptures, graphic works, visual poems and essayes on aesthetic research. Her published works are: “La materializzazione del movimento energetico del divenire” (The materialization of the energetic movement of becoming) 1994, La Nova, Naples; “Marie-Anne e Marcus: Storia Napoletana n.5” (Marie-Anne and Marcus:Neapolitan story nr.5) 1997, La Nova, Naples; “Corpo nel processo di autoidentificazione-2° quaderno di bioarte” (The body in its self-identification process-2nd Bioart booklet) 1998 La Nova, Naples; “L’archetipo tradito: Il risveglio di Medusa – 3° quaderno di Bioarte” (The betrayed archetype: Medusa’s reawakening – 3rd Bioart booklet) 2002, La Nova, Naples; “La parola-forma e la forma-parola – 1° quaderno di ricerca estetica” (The word-form and the form-word – 1st aesthetic research booklet) 2004, Graus Naples. Poems, short stories and essays have been published on various anthologies. Since 1993 she has been receiving national awards for her paintings, sculptures and graphic works.

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Adriana Montariello
Evento, 2004

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